Find Out How To "Stop Renting, Start Buying"


Find Out How You Can.."Stop Renting, Start Buying"

( ENSPIRE SPOTLIGHT ) Find Out How To “Stop Renting, Start Buying”

Tonya Brown, author of “Stop Renting, Start Buying” is a real estate professional with over 18 years of experience and a true passion for educating home buyers across the nation. A mother, new age grandmothers, avid reader, fabulous cook, fashionista, and sometimes a diva, Brown isn’t your average real estate agent. She lives life to the fullest and wants to empower her clients with knowledge on how to use real estate to be financially free. With her real life approach to finance and money management, she offers readers simplistic advice to make the hoe buying process less intimidating and the american dream attainable for all.  Tonya recently released her book on Amazon. The non-fiction business/finance work, “Stop Renting, Start Buying: 8 Steps to Buying a Home After the Housing Crisis,” is a chock-full of information that will help prospective homeowners approach this major financial purchase armed with knowledge and prepared for just about any eventuality. Find Out How You Can..”Stop Renting, Start Buying”  She is looking to empower people to establish security for themselves and family. A lot of people may get nervous when it comes to buying a home, but Tonya’s tips can help make that process understandable and therefore less stressful. Knowing that you will always have a place to call home is a great feeling and at times a distant expectation to some. We asked Tonya a few questions and you can find the link to her book here. Find Out How To "Stop Renting, Start Buying"    How have you been educating others on home ownership? – I educate the general public regarding homeownership by producing useful content on my blog and social media platforms almost daily. I produce a monthly newsletter, speak at community events, and host home buyer events. Even with these efforts, I can’t see to spread the word enough.  Which communities or status of people in particular do you feel need this advice? – I feel minority communities, the African American community, in particular, are in need of this information. Real estate is an important cornerstone to building wealth for African Americans continues to decline since the recession while others continue to recover. Despite what happened during the recession real estate continues to be one of the cornerstones to building wealth. It seems that many people believe home ownership is out of their reach. It seems that a common belief is that hefty down payments are needed to purchase a home today. What most people are not aware of is that there are literally tons of down payment assistance programs available throughout the country to assist middle-income families with purchasing a home. Most programs do not require you to be a first-time buyer but do state that you may not have owned a home in the preceding 3 years. Making these programs excellent opportunities for those who may have been affected by the housing crisis to get back into home ownership. Nowadays, most down payment assistance programs are grants and do not require repayment. Yet a majority of these program funds are going unused year and year. The majority of the programs will pay most of your down payment and can be combined with other programs allowing a home buyer to get into a home for as little as $1500-2000 down. Which is less than an apartment move in cost in some cities. I’m based in Atlanta where the programs are plentiful. You can find more about the programs in Atlanta at those in other areas of the country can feel free to contact me via the web page or by phone and I will be more than happy to refer them to someone in their area to assist them. How has your methods helped you and why it will help others? – I’ve personally used real estate over the last 20 years to build wealth, buy my dream home, as well profit from investment properties. As an example I purchased a starter home at 27, after a few years my family outgrew the home. I sold it and used the equity to purchase a larger and more expensive home, after a few years I repeated the process and was, therefore, able to purchase my even larger and more expensive dream home by age 35. With each move, I was able to make the required larger down payments from the equity and not out of pocket. I want to note that this process was completed prior to the housing boom years of the mid-2000’s instead this was a process that was completed in a stable market similar to where we are today. Had I never bought that first starter home I would’ve never been able to save the money needed to buy my dream home, as paying rent (effectively someone’s else’s mortgage), and other bills would not have allowed me to save such a hefty amount in such a short period of time.  This is just one example of how real estate has worked for me. One of the tried and true rules of real estate is buy low and sell high, there are also several buy and hold strategies that allow you to produce a monthly income while increasing your net worth. It all starts with one home.


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