Bounce TV's Family Time is Back!


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Bounce TV’s Family Time is Back! Bounce TV, the fastest-growing African-American network on television, brings back the popular comedy series Family Time every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET. In its fourth season, the first episode finds Lisa giving relationship advice to Tony’s friends when he lets her visit the barbershop; Rodney Perry guest stars. Other notable guest stars this season include A.J. Johnson (House Party), Glenn Plummer (Speed, South Central), Gloria Govan (Basketball Wives) Michael Colyar (Black-ish), award-winning singer Chante Moore, Nicholas Turturro (NYPD Blue) and Laurence Fishburne’s son Langston Fishburne making his acting debut. The new 13-episode season will also feature Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed episodes. We had the opportunity to speak with Family Time creator Bentley Kyle Evans and stars of the show Angell Conwell and Omar Gooding. We asked them what makes this fourth season so special for them. Bentley Kyle Evans – “I am extremely excited about season 4 of family time for a number of reasons. This is the first season we were allowed to do 13 episodes. So we extended from doing a 10 episode season to 13. Our first season was 6 episodes. It’s more robust and more Family Time for an audience to grasp on to the story line and become familiar with the Stallworth family. Bounce allowed us to do holiday episodes and show more how the Stallworths’ are like other families out there who deal with issues. This season we dig deeper into the relationships.” Related Article: Season Four of Hit Bounce TV Series Family Time Premieres Tues. Oct. 4 9pm/EST Omar Gooding -” This was the hardest season for us to film as actors, it was hard to keep a straight face. Everyone was hilarious. We have a ball. The other fun thing, Angell and myself are producers. We get to try our hand in writing. My script will air next season but Angell’s will play this season for the Kwanzaa episode. I am very excited and really looking forward to getting feedback from the audience. ” Angell Conwell – “I am so grateful to Bentley and Bounce. I spoke with several people and it takes a while to even get to that point where you are writing for a show you’re on. It was special because I got to the point where the producers trust me to give me this opportunity. I love to work with people who want to see you win in every avenue. That trust made it special. We are working to one cause and at the same time making a living and having fun.  Bounce TV is growing and so is the interaction with us and the audience.” Related Article: Angell Conwell and Omar Gooding of Family Time on Bounce TV Overall it was an amazing conversation and so much to look forward this season. Relationships are a big part of this show. We get to explore more and dig deeper into issues of the family and how to solve them in each episode. This season Tony realizes that he needs to rethink more about his son than himself and we watch Tony and Lisa have marital issues and work to resolve them. With your non-traditional seasonal episodes, familiar family issues and growing support shows that this season of Family Time is one to not be missed.  This is a family show that is relatable and can really be a source for others out there who may deal with the same issues. Make sure you tune in to Bounce TV and catch this fourth season of Family Time Check out some clips of what to expect this season of Family Time:

Bounce TV (@BounceTV) is the fastest-growing African-American (AA) network on television and airs on the broadcast signals of local television stations and corresponding cable carriage. The network features a programming mix of original and off-network series, theatrical motion pictures, specials, live sports and more.  Bounce TV has grown to be available in more than 94 million homes across the United States and 93% of all African American television homes, including all of the top AA television markets.  Among the founders of Bounce TV are iconic American figures Martin Luther King, III and Ambassador Andrew Young.


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