Role Model Redefined at PTMA's Annual Young Entrepreneur Expo!


( ENSPIRE COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT ) Role Model Redefined at PTMA’s Annual Young Entrepreneur Expo! Durham, North Carolina, once called Black Wall Street because it was the core of African American financial activity during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s is being redefined. African American Entrepreneurs making such remarkable strides during a time period when disenfranchising and openly violating the rights of African Americans was all too common speaks volumes regarding how significant entrepreneurship is to the growth and stabilization of our community. Now imagine the possibility that can emerge if we start motivating entrepreneurship at a young age; well,  Patricia Taborn Modeling & Talent Agency, INC does just that! Held at the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, Patricia Taborn Modeling Agency (PTMA) revitalizes that potential within the community by hosting an annual Young Entrepreneurs Expo. This year’s event was directed by child development expert and Co-founder Santea Griffin. During this event, young entrepreneurs are encouraged to sign up and share their ideas, talent, and products with the community, political leaders, members of the media and potential investors. [caption id="attachment_5288" align="alignright" width="327"]Santea Griffin - Director and Co-Founder of Patricia Taborn Modeling & Talent Agency, INC.(PTMA) Santea Griffin – Director and Co-Founder of Patricia Taborn Modeling & Talent Agency, INC. (PTMA)[/caption] The Young Entrepreneurs ranged from ages four to twenty-four. The building was packed with talent ranging from an amazing 13-year-old DJ by the name of DJ Flight, to the beautiful voices of 13, 16, and 17 year old Joshua, Ashley and Brittany of Tankard Cube to an amazing two-part performance from the International Tae Kwon Do Institute that had everyone wanting to sign up for a class. Let’s be clear these young leaders came to sit at the grown folks’ table.

Something team ENSPIRE was proud to witness was the large amount of young minds excited and prepared to showcase their skills. So often we become acquainted with the stereotype that our youth don’t want to do anything positive. We pour into them so many aspirations we have for them and often forget that they have dreams and goals of their own. Events like this are paramount, as they aid in motivating the youth as well as create a better representation of the spirit of the community.

One community leader who understands that is North Carolina House Democratic Leader Representative Larry D. Hall. He came and engaged with the youth and opened the event with words of encouragement and even had his selfie game on lock for pictures. (Check out ENSPIRE Magazine’s Instagram for more pics) As media sponsors for the event, ENSPIRE Magazine had to make the hard decision of choosing one Entrepreneur to highlight; however, due to the abundance of talent and professionalism at the Expo we went with three. In the future, PTMA hopes to expand it’s outreach and create more opportunities for the youth to share their skills and creativity with the world! Check out the chosen Entrepreneurs below:
[caption id="attachment_5319" align="alignleft" width="401"]Role Model Redefined at PTMA's Annual Young Entrepreneur Expo! Tyler of Tyler’s Inspirations[/caption]

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Tyler of Tyler’s Inspirations Jewelry

How did you get your idea or concept for the business? I got the idea for my business from my sister who had a jewelry business before I did and I always wanted to make things but she wouldn’t let me touch anything so I decided to have my own jewelry business. What is your mission? Tyler’s Inspirations mission is to create quality custom jewelry at an affordable price. To what do you attribute your success? I attribute my success to my family.  They were there to help me with my business. Where does your passion lay and what keeps you motivated? My passion lies in my creativity and the main thing that keeps me motivated is my family and my clients who pushed me to keep my business. Who are your mentors? My mentors are my sister and my aunt who know a lot about jewelry. What advice would you give fellow young entrepreneurs? To the other young entrepreneurs out there I would tell them that persistence is everything and never lose the passion for your business. How can our readers find you on social media? Readers can follow me on Facebook and on Instagram at Tyler’s Inspirations. [caption id="attachment_5318" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Tyler of Tylers Inspirations Tyler of Tyler’s Inspirations (far left) standing next to North Carolina House Democratic Leader Representative Larry D. Hall.[/caption]

22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Cammel Hurse of Cammel’s Photography

[caption id="attachment_5284" align="alignright" width="667"]Cammel of Cammels Photography sharing his work with ENSPIRE Magazine at the 2016 Young Entrepreneur Expo presented by PTMA Modeling & Talent Agency, Inc. Cammel of Cammel’s Photography (right) sharing his work and a smile with media sponsor ENSPIRE Magazine at the 2016 Young Entrepreneur Expo presented by PTMA Modeling & Talent Agency, Inc.[/caption] Growing up Cammel always knew he wanted to create something that was my own or my own business. As well as create art but I didn’t decide to take it serious until about my senior year in high school. I remember a friend of mine told me he liked my work & he told me I should keep doing photography. So I decided to pursue Photography in college, it took me about a year to a year & a half to find my niche. Since then I’ve specialized in Portrait/ Headshot Photography, Event photography & Fashion Editorial work. His Mission: As an artist, my mission is to document an instant that can never be recreated exactly the same way again. While behind the camera, I’m always looking for moments. I’ve come to realize that as a photographer I’m a historian. I want to inspire others to appreciate, the life that they have and appreciate the moments, memories and world that we all share with each other. To really take the time to really look at the world around us and to understand that we all are in this together. What do you attribute your success to? I thank God as well as my lord & savior Jesus Christ. He has and is bringing a lot of amazing people into my life to give me wisdom & a better outlook on my surroundings. Next, it’s really just bringing 110% to every blessing that comes my way. Networking, collaborating, learning from my mentors; I’m always looking to build & learn from others. I always stay very optimistic, which has helped me learn from a lot of past mistakes that I have made. Passion and Motivation: That’s a very hard one because everything motivates me. Anything from music, books, friends, family to the world around me. But I will say that my passion comes from my past. Growing up I use to find myself looking through family album books & I found myself re-living every moment. My motivation comes from the struggles of my parents, myself, friends & from the stories that I’ve heard about great people who never escaped this cage known as the streets/ poverty. Who are your mentors? My mentors, I have a lot of them, who I believe that God brought into my life to wake me up ever since my family and I moved to North Carolina. A few of them are Kimberly Joy, Bernard McPhatter, Steven Whitsitt, Chrsytal Kelly, Quentin Hammonds, Ronald Thomas, Nicholas Thomas, Rob Saunders & way to many to include. As you can see the list goes on, I’m just so grateful to really have such amazing people around me. What advice would you give fellow young entrepreneurs? I would tell them to surround themselves with people who inspire them and want them to be greater than they currently are. Be willing to learn from these people. This is a time to listen and ask questions. Next, analyze where you are & where you’re trying to go in life. Dream Big, think Big, stay optimistic & have a goal that you’re working to accomplish. Be consistent at following your dream, so that’s doing the little things day by day & planning for the future. I will say have the mindset that says,  if you don’t grind, then it won’t ever happen. Check out this young man’s amazing work! Role Model Redefined at PTMA's Annual Young Entrepreneur Expo! Role Model Redefined at PTMA's Annual Young Entrepreneur Expo!

You can find him on the following social media platforms: 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Behance: Cammel’s Photography Linkedin: Cammel Hurse Website:

 Christian Couture Step Team

[caption id="attachment_5286" align="alignright" width="714"]Christian Couture Step Team came to serve at the 2016 Young Entrepreneur Expo presented by PTMA Modeling & Talent Agency, Inc. Christian Couture Step Team came to serve at the 2016 Young Entrepreneur Expo presented by PTMA Modeling & Talent Agency, Inc.[/caption] A sisterhood for young Christian girls that challenges them to stand out and not have to settle in their standards to do it.  We see a need in our community and we will  meet it! What is your mission? We focus on the importance of learning and upholding the values of sisterhood, love, relationship and the positive progression of life for ourselves and our future! We are representatives of Christ and our future and express who we are through dance, step, and community service. We push each other to be the best that we can, leaving room for mistakes but not failure! To what do you attribute your success? God! He gets ALL of the glory for this! I also credit my spiritual leaders; Apostle John A. Bennett and First Lady Alice Bennett for entrusting us to carry out this part of ministry. Of course, I also credit Jasmine Bennett, the founder of Christian Couture for having a dream for this, and the parents for allowing their daughters to be apart of such a great movement because they believe in it.   Where does your passion lie? and what keeps you motivated? My passion stems from wanting more for girls in our society. I know what I needed when I was younger so I, in turn,  give it to them. We all want to belong to something that is greater than ourselves whether we realize it or not. I want them to go beyond where I went and am going. I want to be one of the one’s that they can look back and say, “Wow Coach K really made a positive difference in my life.”  My husband, my spiritual leaders, and friends keep me motivated to continue to strive in what God has put it in me. It’s a lot of hard work that goes into this behind the scenes! Who are your mentors? Shawn Wyman who is the successful coach and founder of Iconz and Lady Iconz step team in VA, Apostle John A. Bennett; founder and Pastor of The Churches of the Apostolic Revival International in Durham, NC   [caption id="attachment_5287" align="alignleft" width="745"] The ladies of Christian Couture Step Team in formation!! [/caption] What advice would you give fellow young entrepreneurs? When you find that passion for that “thing” that keep you up at night, that you can’t seem to break from, put your hands to it and don’t stop! It’s YOUR vision so everyone may not believe it or have the same passion for it that you do, but so what?! Don’t stop! The one’s that will benefit from it will thank you sooner than you know. Most importantly, remember why and who you are doing it for. Keep God first and everything concerning your vision will fall in place. How can our readers find you on social media? Like us on Facebook @christiancouture For more information on PTMA and how you or your young entrepreneur can be involved  with their work go to their website at    ]]>



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