Why Women Should Be More Emotionally Intelligent


( ENSPIRE MIND, BODY, SOUL) Why Women Should be More Emotionally Intelligent By Author Latoya Wakefield

It’s difficult being a woman especially a single woman who wasn’t born with a gold spoon in her mouth. We trim and chisel until our fingers become bones. Men now dangle the apple in our faces and it’s hard to resist the temptation. We know the consequences yet still we allow feelings to make the decisions. Our emotions cause us to give up so much of ourselves physically, spiritually and mentally. Every time a relationship ends, we lose a bit of ourselves. What doesn’t kill us doesn’t always make us stronger. Sometimes, it makes us crazy… Women, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can control 50 percent more of what happens to us especially when it comes to relationships. It’s time we give our hearts a break and go forward with our minds.  Managing your emotions will change your life. You might not know where to start and so I’ve developed a 5 step guide towards becoming emotionally intelligent.
1. Solitude – Disconnect from the world, the internet especially, everything that connects you to negativity. If you can’t do it alone, have someone you trust nearby.
Solitude allows you the opportunity to listen to yourself. This is crucial step of this process.
Why Women Should Be More Emotionally Intelligent
2. Release – Get a pen and paper, rule three columns – things that are affecting you, things YOU want to accomplish, things that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals. Be totally honest.  No one has to see what you wrote down.
Why Women Should Be More Emotionally Intelligent

3. Get Up – Do something physical. For me, it’s dancing. Anything that makes you sweat. You are releasing the negative energy here; creating room for the next steps. Do not connect to social media. Do not share. Do this for you.
Why Women Should Be More Emotionally Intelligent

4. Get back to your list. Look at what’ s holding you back. Choose two of these to work on. Make a next column called ‘Action Plan’ – A strategy on how to get rid of how to these hindrances. Pen a practical strategy. One of my goals is to finish my first novel. My strategy is to spend an hour a day writing/researching for a month everyday. Accountability must be included.
Why Women Should Be More Emotionally Intelligent

5. Put your goals (the immediate ones) on your wall for it to be the first thing you see in the morning. Look at your goals in the morning and make the first step towards accomplishing one. When you accomplish those, store them away and put up your next goals.
Why Women Should Be More Emotionally Intelligent

Repeat 3 and the later part of step 5 while disconnecting from negativity in the evening. Do not focus on feeling. Focus on accomplishing at least one goal for that week…At the end of the 5 days, clap yourself. You just made your first step to a better you. Soon you’ll see how these 5 steps have affected your life tremendously.    ]]>


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