Tiana Von Johnson's Women Doing It Big Conference


( ENSPIRE COMMUNITY ) Tiana Von Johnson’s Women Doing It Big Conference This year we were proud to attend an incredible and encouraging experience at the Women Doing It Big (WDIB) Conference, Expo, and Awards Luncheon in New York City. More than 500 people attended to support 50 fabulous individuals receiving awards, observe and learn from celebrity panel discussions, master classes and a live performance from Lil Mo’. The 2-day event included a luncheon honoring Naturi Naughton from the hit TV show Power. wdib4 This exciting event was founded by Dr. Tiana Von Johnson. “Women Doing It Big is for fearless females who want to invest in themselves, make meaningful connections, and learn something that will take their lives & businesses to the next level. WDIB happens over two days, but the wealth of information and experiences that everyone leaves with will last a lifetime. I am incredibly excited and honored to support these women on this important journey,” says Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, founder of WDIB. wdib3 I listened to a lot of stories of women from different backgrounds who pursued different dreams in an array of industries. The fearlessness of these women sharing their stories allowed a great connection with them and attendees. You can tell there were supporters but, most of all the women and men were there to absorb knowledge and apply it to themselves/careers. WDIB featured a dynamic and engaging program from start to finish. Empowerment, entertainment, and education are all part of the unforgettable experience. There was a certain energy being around all of these women. I felt that I was more there as an attendee while working because a lot of the conversation felt it was directed to me or something that can assist me to be better at achieving my passions and dreams. Besides listening to the stories of some of the award nominees I got the chance to speak with Dutchess of Black Ink. I won’t lie, I already formed an opinion of her based on her portrayal on television. The best thing I did was to have a conversation with her, gain an understanding of her perspective and listening to her plan to use her platform for the betterment of other young women and girls like her. It was very enlightening as she faces challenges being herself just to give others hope while on the big screen for entertainment. Watch my interview here. Pay attention to the amazing jewels dropped by Lisa Nicole Cloud: https://youtu.be/Rma6SiqCqd0 The line­up of speakers and honorees represented movers and shakers from the worlds of business, television, music, ministry, publishing and personal development including Lisa Nicole Cloud from Bravo’s Married to MedicineBrooklyn Tankard from Bravo’s Thicker Than WaterDJ Duffey from Basketball Wives LALil’ Mo from R&B Divas, Deja Vu from WBLS, a special “Real Talk” segment with mega Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant and more. I ran into Akira Armstrong of Pretty BIG Movement and ironically we both felt that we would catch each other at this type of event. We both were networking and working but really taking in the energy of positive progress that was all through the event. Akira has such an amazing story and an even more powerful movement and represents what this type of conference stands for. We are all at different points in our professional career but that should not stop us from sharing, uplifting and supporting one another. When the greatest tools are combined it creates the greatest and most powerful machines. WDIB is the platform for all great minds to come together and build.]]>


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