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( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Get To Know Artist/Producer D Madd After doing an interview with Songwriter/Singer Josh X, I ended up talking with his Dj, DJ Hex. He heard me describe the movement of ENSPIRE and felt he had someone in mind. He put me on to a dope Producer/Artist D Madd out of California that he manages. I appreciate when I come across people who have an amazing quality or talent. We were blessed to interview Artist/Produce D Madd to learn more about his experience in the music industry. D Madd is very talented and persistent about his craft. It was great that he was able to share his experience and use it as an opportunity to help others. Can you tell us why and how you got started in music? “I began to love music at an early age. My grandfather Leo Madden (who was a jazz pianist) bought my first drum set at the age of 2 and I stuck to it and haven’t looked back ever since. My production career began at the age of 13 when I became interested in rap and beats. My dad bought a keyboard called the Ensoniq T-S12 synthesizer and I started producing on that keyboard and from then on lead me here, 2 albums later.” What was one of the hardest things you had to accomplish getting started in the music industry? “Being an independent artist, you have to learn the business side as well. I think this was the most challenging getting to learn the terminology and how publishing works, as well as distribution and marketing and blah blah. There are a lot of things you have to be educated about during the journey otherwise, you can end up spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.” Was there any aspect of it that you thought would be easy and it did not turn out that way? “When you choose to be an entrepreneur, pretty much everything can become an obstacle its more about how you respond”. What are your goals musically for 2017? “Now I would like to expand my music career overseas and perform in a few cities.” If you had to choose one rapping or producing which one and why? “To me, it’s more than just being a ‘rapper/singer’ or a ‘producer’ I think both sides are a display of my artistry and I love to do them both equally, so I’m not sure which one I would pick as of right now, I just do what I love and let the rest play out.” What is it about the music industry a lot of people do not know coming in that you can educate them on? “Not to sound selfish at all but you have to focus on yourself in order to accomplish your goals. Meaning that you can’t wait on anyone else to make things happen for you, you just have to go out there and get it. No one is going to believe in you until you believe in you.” Are there any artists or producers that you want to work with that you haven’t yet? “There are a lot of artists I would love to work with to name a few I think Snoh Aalegra would be dope. Chance The Rapper, Jay-Z and a few others. I listen to a wide range of vibes and I think that is why my music sounds like it does.” Do you have any other projects going on outside of music? “Not very many projects other than music, My time is mostly consumed by music but when I do have free time, I’m with my family or searching for new investment Ideas or opportunities.” How important do you feel music or the arts are in regards to helping one get through a difficult time? “Music is literally the soundtrack to life. Whether you’re going through a hard time, having relationship problems or turning up in the club music helps every situation. There’s a song for everyone.” Lastly, are you involved in any programs or organizations that give back to the youth or community?  “Yes, my team and I are going to be working with “Autism Speaks” and giving kids interested in the arts an opportunity to explore those talents. I think it’s important for everyone to get the opportunity to learn how to create music if they really want to. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to practice and perfect my craft so I want to be able to share that with others.” Please be sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter @IAmDMadd and show some love on my website and subscribe to my youtube channel all at the same time! lol Thank you ENSPIRE Magazine for this opportunity ? this is a blessing! D]]>


  1. This excerpt hard! Enspire does remarkable work!
    D Madd is the future of musical artistry! Off tops one of the most innovative minds in music to Bless LA!
    Keep hustling!


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