The Hit Drama Series Saints & Sinners Returns to Bounce TV


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) The Hit Drama Series Saints & Sinners Returns to Bounce TV

By ENSPIRE Contributor: Tamara Luke

There are no choosing sides when it comes to Saints & Sinners. The second season of Bounce’s original hit drama series Saints & Sinners has begun and promises even more secrets, deception, misdeeds, and corruption. Viewers return to Greater Hope Baptist Church as the story continues in a small southern town outside Atlanta; where church ties are entangled with criminal intent and other illicit encounters.  Hope and redemption aren’t the only words now associated with the town’s influential sanctuary in Cypress, Georgia; murder and corruption are being whispered just as frequently as death tolls increase and secrets are revealed. What else should viewers expect for this season? The elemental need to survive regardless of the cost has already caused some to commit heinous crimes.  It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds as church members and townspeople alike continue double-dealing against each other in the pursuit of satisfying their own needs and desires. Related Article: Are You A Saint Or A Sinner The plot twists of this series will have you shaking your head and giving each character the side eye.  The saintly and sinful portrayals are skillfully done by none other than a crew of talented and notable actors.  This season’s cast includes Vanessa Bell Calloway, Christian Keyes, Keith Robinson, Clifton Powell, J.D. Williams, Jasmine Burke, Demetria McKinney, Tray Chaney, Karlie Redd, and Afemo Omilami. Congratulations to Saints & Sinners for its record-breaking achievement as the most watched series on Bounce TV in its first season!  New episodes of Saints & Sinners premiere every Sunday evening at 9 pm (ET/PT). ]]>


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