( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Hip-Hop Caviar’s Hidden Delicacy: JP Reynolds The ultimate delicacy for the “woke” mind must consist of more than just a 30-second freedom speech on Snapchat. It requires a courageous spirit that isn’t afraid to speak truth to power; yet, allows their voice to give those within an earshot the encouragement they need to think for themselves. When I listen to my favorite rappers I am always encouraged by their fearlessness and ability to tell the tale of what my heart has been screaming since forever ago. More than working with a catchy beat, a true rap artist can paint a picture of the people, for the people while leaving room for analysis and understanding. Fortunately for us, there are artists out there who are valiant enough to speak onto the canvas in order for us to get the big picture. National artist JP Reynolds is the latest flavor of Hip-Hop Caviar that hits me with sounds and substance similar to those extraordinary lyrical greats out now like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar and those legends who integrated jazz with eclectic sophistication like Andre 3000 and Common. His revolutionary sound strengthens the voice of the voiceless and engages those necessary lyrical conversations that many artists blow hot and cold due to industry conformity. JP’s latest album Guavamatic Space Dream is already a huge success, sparking the mind and pulling your heartstring with hard hitting tracks like Harry Belafonte, and Baltimore, (a track that was inspired by the killing of Freddie Gray by Baltimore Police Officers) and feel-good tracks like Guavalicious Funk that you can’t help but dance to, no matter how ugly your two-step is. A Cleveland-born Mount Vernon bred JP Reynolds adulation of hip-hop derived from his surroundings. At the age of eight JP was wowed by the energies that tied into the uprising of artists like the Ruff Ryders, Bad Boy, and even having front row seats to the late Aaliyah’s music video being shot down the street from him. With both a Bachelor’s degree in African American Studies and a Masters of Divinity from Yale, JP uses his God-given talent and education to not only lay down thought-provoking tracks. JP is also the author of the owner of a creative hub for millennial dreamers called Peace and Power Media. With this platform, other artists, creatives, and dreamers get to tell their own stories via music, visual content and written text as well as getting assistance with web design, graphics, and marketing. [caption id="attachment_6127" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] JP Reynolds Presents: GUAVAMATIC SPACE DREAM LIVE at Silvana Harlem – November 26th, 2016 – Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2016 – www.kolinmendez.com[/caption] A believer in community with one another and a freedom-fighter for the black community, you can’t tell me that #BlackBoyJoy isn’t alive and influencing more like-minded individuals. If you’re in the New York City area and want to witness the artistry of an amazing lyricist get out and can catch JP Reynolds and the Peace and Power Bands performance tonight at Silvana in Harlem, NY.

Music Videos:
“Ready [Aim] Fire” (Primary if you only want 1)
Live Show:
The Guavamatic Experience (Live at Mercury Lounge)
Instagram & Twitter: @OfficiallyJP_
Facebook: @OfficiallyJP
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