Jamaica Queens Native, Rapper Moka Blast Talks Music and Entrepreneurship


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Jamaica Queens Native, Rapper Moka Blast Talks Music and Entrepreneurship

Rapper Moka Blast also known as Ladies Love Moka, grew up in Queens, New York City by the birthplace of Trinidad & Tobago. Over the years, Moka has continued to grow his artistry and created tracks with legends such as Chinx, Jadakiss, Dave East & Fred The Godson. In June 2016, Moka released his first groundbreaking album, “Blast Radius.” He later followed up with “The Blast Supper” in March of 2017 which dropped the same day he started his UK invasion tour with none other than Lady Leshurr. Blast also owns Fly Guy Committee Media Group (FGCMG)– a multimedia company – that provides holistic services to independent artists including music and video production, public relations, tour management and mentorship. FGCMG also operates a clothing line that creates fly and trendy t-shirts for women, men, and children.

I got the chance to get to speak to Moka about his passion for music, entrepreneurship endeavors in multimedia and clothing and how he gives back. I loved his honesty and focus on giving back to the community simultaneously doing what he loves. Truly a positive product of his environment, his past struggles is what has given him the understanding of what is necessary for someone in his current position to help others.

Ese: How did you get started with music?

Moka Blast: I have been doing music since I was a kid. I always wanted to try everything. It was like a competition. I say if I’m gonna put my mind to it I should be the best doing it. I started battle rapping during my teenage years and then I won some when I was at Stony Brook University.

Ese: What’s the difference between when you started and now?

Moka: I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just spittin’, I didn’t know hooks. I had to fine tune my craft. You just have to. There were artists like Jay Z and Jadakiss killing the game. I had to start studying. They had content. What they did was different than me. You learn and you start applying, then you see the change to you and your sound base. It includes people you never reached before.

E: Up to date what is the biggest milestone you have achieved?

MB: I would say doing my own world tour. Just knowing I am able to go overseas to a foreign market to people who know my songs at each show is amazing. I came from Jamaica, Queens. To be alive every day is a blessing. I try to be thankful every day because where I came from living is like a miracle. Even now it’s worse. A milestone to come from there and to travel and hear my DJ call my name and to hear that. Being able to have this passion and traveling to take a path never took and share my story is an amazing feeling.

E: What are you currently doing right now musically or outside of music?

MB: As far as the music, I’m completing my 3rd album, ‘The Blast Testament’ in 13 months. I like to set deadlines. I am also getting ready to go back overseas on my 4th tour. Outside of music, I am launching the clothing line Forever Getting Cash … I am interested in using the proceeds or something to bring awareness to Africa. My multimedia company, Fly Guy Media Group will be getting ready to shoot my independent movies. I also have a few professional boxers that I represent.

E: Tell me about your experience being an independent artist.

MB: As an artist, you are your own boss. I have been making a living on this for the past 9 years. When I do my projects I immerse myself so I have no time to waste. I go to the boxing gym, I been purchasing cameras and am able to create. I can’t depend on one avenue of income. I have to get it from seven avenues. I have to be a millionaire and doing it as an independent. I have my own team it’s not just me.

E: You sound determined. What inspiring you to reach these goals?

MB: My mom, she never graduated high school and neither did my pops. They sacrificed their future for their three kids. We all went to college and got degrees. We want her to know that her sacrifice is very much appreciated. I’m not even done, I’ve just started. I want her to enjoy her life. I want her to go into the sunset so don’t have to worry. My daughter, nieces, and nephew, they are the motivation. If you don’t put family and friends first you don’t mean shit.

E: Upcoming artists, besides their craft what would you tell them to focus on?

MB: Cater to your fan base. There is a lot of hate out here. Don’t listen to everyone a lot of people discredit the young ones. They are told what they are saying is trash and what they are doing is wrong. That ain’t right. A lot of the critics seem bitter because they not making money now. We all once started. For the young ones just starting, make sure to have copyrights taken care of, the website has to be good and visuals are on point. Leave the country, start touring and build a name for yourself.

E: Besides touring what’s next up for you this year?

MB: Some print work, thinking about modeling. Touring put me out of weight, got to get my body back soon. Besides music, I want to open my own charity. I usually give away clothes every month. I want to do better for different communities. That’s how I feel rewarded. You give blessings and you’re supposed to reciprocate. Sometimes I wear sneakers once or just give it away. It feels good. There was a time I came out of jail, it was tough. I was in that situation. I was helped when I was young, so I have to give back.

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