Terri J. Vaughn Directs and Stars in Season 3 of Mann & Wife on Bounce TV


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Terri J. Vaughn Directs and Stars Season 3 of Mann & Wife

The third season of Mann & Wife airs Tuesday nights at 9 pm on Bounce TV.  Terri J. Vaughn joins the cast this season as Daniel’s new Lieutenant. She also goes behind the camera to direct several episodes this season starting with the premiere episode.

Guest stars this season include George Wallace, Antonio Fargas, Carl Payne, Victoria Rowell, Rod “Rod Man” Thompson, DC Youngfly, Blue Kimble, Vanessa Fraction and Brely Evans. This season sees hilarious takes on visiting family, mistaken identity, school pressure, phony health scares, an embarrassing email leak and even a 1970’s cop show spoof. Mann & Wife has been a smash success, setting records for viewership in both seasons.

Ese: Tell us about this premiere episode of Mann & Wife which you directed?

Terri: It was a fortunate opportunity to direct. This episode is more about David Manns character to take care of the younger kids and them staying at Tony Rock’s character home. He is a bachelor and it didn’t sit too well with him. It’s a funny episode. Tamala’s character takes the 2 older kids. I am just grateful to direct this episode.

E: How did you get the opportunity to direct this episode?

T: Roger Bob called me to offer me a role. I said yes but I told him I would like to direct as well. He was able to make it happen. They could have said no, but they said yes.

E: Tell us about your character.

T: Lt. Tate is very ballsy, independent and a boss. She makes sure David Mann and the other characters know it too. Her love life suffers because of it. She and Tony have a history of dating back in the day during training and now she is his boss. So their interactions are interesting to watch.

E: What are your thoughts on Bounce TV and this type of programming?

T: I’m excited for Bounce TV. I love what they are doing. Look at the history of networks. They built their brands off black entertainment like Fox and UPN. And then after the success, the black shows are off the air and now there are white shows. They are a platform, a landing space of content for us. They are not trying to build off a brand and leave it high and dry. They are saying this is for you and if you’re looking for content come here. This is the reason for their success. We need somewhere to go. They are a few and far between. I applaud them. The fact that they took a chance on me to direct a flagship show in its third season. They allowed a black woman who is a newcomer is huge, the opportunities they are giving. It’s so important for us to turn on the TV and then see people who look like us. In our homes tv has such an impact. Television has such an impact because it’s in the home with families.

E: Can you talk to us about your Take Wings Foundation and what you have going on this year?

T: Take Wings Foundation has been around for about 18 years. We have a mentoring program for girls in my hometown of San Francisco. We do monthly workshops and overnight retreats.

I will be working on a film project ‘The Appeal.” We will be starting production and shooting in Atlanta.

E: What advice can you give to those wanting to be in the acting industry?

T: They have to go in knowing they have to go and get what they want. You have to be serious about your craft. Take workshops. Take your craft seriously. Study. It’s not an easy business, so when it gets hard just know its apart of it. No matter what, it’s going to be very hard. The only way to win is to stay in it. You’re going to push through because you can. My mantra is she believes she could though she did.

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