Cambatta, Lyrics Over Trap Beats


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Cambatta, Lyrics Over Trap Beats

Most recently released Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definitive Metagod Trilogy) we had the opportunity to sit in on one of Cambatta’s listening session to prepare the world for his new music.

He is using the internet and his gift of hip hop to spread his message. Cambatta’s lyrics may stand out initially to an untrained ear to gain  your attention, but when you play that record back you are enthused at awe by his raw creativity. He uses a lot of philosophical terminology in his lyrics that feeds your mind to think more into it. Trap beats with a philosophical dope rhyme can’t go wrong. You can say Cambatta music is not for the avid listener but for the intellectual one. You have to listen and break down the lyrics while bobbin your head to a dope beat!

During this session he discussed the culture and lifestyle of hip hop because it is ever evolving and so many people have an opinion. Cambatta understands the essence of hip hop. “It is the highest form of communication among human beings. There has never been a more verbal form of music.” Just let that sit there and think about it. It takes a particular understanding of the culture of hip hop for someone to appreciate that statement. From his love of the culture, he can analyze and speak from a particular point of view and that is what grasps his audience. He has a song called “Tupac Murder Confession,” where he speaks on the perspective of the shooter. Another song “33,” Cambatta takes the story of Christ and reflects the life of an average man from the streets.

Cambatta’s next album will be available in late June. But till then, be sure to stay up on anything relevant to Cambatta by checking here.



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