Happy 44th Birthday to Hip Hop!

( ENSPIRE News ) Happy 44th Birthday to Hip Hop!

One thing I know I grew up and loved was hip hop. I love how it has continued to influence generations young and old. My Uncle Donald aka Phats the Butcher (God rest his soul) would talk about how he used to carry records or setup for DJ Kool Herc and DJ Red Alert. It took a while for it to register and know that he was giving me stories of the originators of Hip Hop. Today looking at Google Doodle put such a smile on my face and I am sure others. Google understands, really! They are educating people on the start and elements of hip hop. Information is literally at everyone’s click so they can know the history and understand something about the culture.
With that being said, check out the kind and inspirational words from a hip hop pioneer, Ronald Savage. Also owner of the trademark of The Hip Hop Movement
Today is the 44th birthday of Hip Hop. I never thought that hip hop would last as long as it did when I started out in the industry as a young kid carrying record crates for the original DJ Jazzy Jay. For me, being involved with Hip Hop was something that we loved to do.  It kept us out of trouble and kept us thinking positively.  And, it was fun.
Forty-four years later, Hip Hop has definitely changed from its humble beginnings on the streets of the South Bronx, NY. The movement of Hip Hop, better known as The Hip Hop Movement, has spread all over the world.  Today, you cannot go anywhere in the world without hearing the infectious sounds of its rhythmic beat.
The Hip Hop Movement would like to thank the founding fathers, including Disco King Mario, for starting something that people all over the world can enjoy.
The Hip Hop Movement is so proud of everyone who contributed to hip hop from the 70s to the present, and we salute Russell Simmons and other music industry professionals who tapped into the industry to build Hip Hop into an influential, profitable industry.  And even if you are just a fan of the music, please remember that this is your day, too.  Celebrate the birth of the most popular form of music today!
—-Ronald Savage, owner of the trademark of The Hip Hop Movement

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