Jay Z Rap Radar Interview Part 2

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Jay Z Rap Radar Interview Part 2

By ENSPIRE Contributor: Tylah Willis

On August 25th, 2017, hip hop icon and 21 Grammy Award winning artist Jay Z did an interview with Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson and B.Dot about fatherhood, the creation of 4:44, past rap beefs and more. Jay Z recently dropped a new album last month 4:44 which talked about his personal relationship issues, black economic empowerment and expressing his relationship with his mother.
At the beginning of the two part interview with rap radar, Jay Z discusses how the creation of his song “Mama Smile” brought him closer to his mother, bringing their relationship to a new level. At first, she didn’t want the song to be released due to fear of judgment but Jay convinced her otherwise. Afterwards, they began to talk about Blue’s freestyle at the end of the “4:44” album.  He was in the studio finishing “Family Feud” and playing with the beat when little Blue grabbed the headphones and started freestyling over the instrumental.  “She just starts rapping,” he said. “Then she goes boom chaka laka and I was like, ‘oh shoot she understands the concept of a hook’. She’s five and she understands the concept of a hook.” He then recorded the song and added it to the album. He also mentioned the meaning behind the name of his newborn twins Rumi and Sir. Rumi, their daughter, was named after Jay Z and Beyonce’s favorite poet, Sir was given his because of his aura when he was first born. “Sir came of the gate like a Sir,” Jay Z stated.

As the interview progressed they mentioned a topic about today’s music and his views on rap beefs. With so much controversy about the current state of hip hop, Jay Z believes that there should be a balance. “You can’t rap about fantasies all the time there has to be a balance,” which is very true because too much of anything can be lethal in the long run. He also believes that beefs should be squashed and it’s just as easy as having a conversation with the person you have a conflict with.
He brings up his past issue with Fat Joe and Jim Jones as an example of how he got over their problems with just a simple conversation. In addition, he brings up hip hop icon Prodigy whom he once had beef with and how they both got over it and through it all he had nothing but respect for him as a person and an artist. Now he doesn’t want rap beef because he “checked out of that part of the game.” This segment of the interview is importantly crucial since many rappers til this day have issues that are minuscule.
The interview all around gave a unique insight to who Jay Z actually is and what made him the person he is today. Facing many demons and overcoming obstacles Jay Z displays personal growth as well as perseverance in a time of hardship. We will be hearing more from the 47-year-old rapper as he states “retirement is not for him.” We are looking forward to the many master pieces he will provide in the near future.
Sources: Billboard, Complex

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