The Black Institute Exposes Prejudiced Parks: Discrimination Against M/WBE In The NYC Parks Department


(ENSPIRE Community)  The Black Institute Exposes Prejudiced Parks: Discrimination Against M/WBE In The NYC Parks Department

By ENSPIRE Contributor: Djata Doumbouya

The Black Institute has been on a campaign to level the playing field for Minority and Women business owned enterprise (M/WBE) in public contracting as well as in access to capital. They are proud to have helped advance progressive bills on this issue at the City and State level, some of which have already been signed into law. However, agency officials continue to discriminate against M/WBE’s. Their behavior prevents bright and innovative entrepreneurs from reaping the benefits of their labor and harm the economy as a whole. “The Black Institute” (TBI) latest research and analysis paper shows that, based on data and reports from the NYC Comptroller’s Office, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) has failed to achieve a substantial improvement in its M/WBE spending performance over the years. For example, Wallball World LLC, a certified M/WBE owned by Jasmine Ray, has constructed and maintained numerous Wallball courts while also co-organizing over 30 events with its non-profit partner, the United States Wallball Association (USWA), a 501(c)(3) organization of which Jasmine Ray is the President and Founder. The USWA has provided more than 2,000 young, minority athletes, ages 7 to 17, with hugely popular tournaments, classes, and equipment. The Black Institute urges DPR to immediately address the barriers facing Wallball World LLC in contracting opportunities as well as to waive the exorbitant fee it has tried to impose on USWA that has no basis in any existing regulations. This will be the first, but a much necessary step toward improving DPR’s overall practices. To learn more about Jasmine Ray’s remarkable achievements as an M/WBE owner and nonprofit leader, please watch this VIDEO. Source: The Black Institute]]>


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