Becoming an Illegal Immigrant or Crossing the Border to Canada

( ENSPIRE NEWS ) Becoming an Illegal Immigrant or Crossing the Border to Canada

By ENSPIRE Contributor: Carlos Luciano

Over 50,000 refugees of the 2010 Haiti earthquakes will have to decide on whether to head back to Haiti or stay in the U.S. as illegal immigrants. The Temporary Protection Status, or TPS, that was placed on Haiti runs out next January, and once gone the rights and privileges these people have enjoyed will be at risk to be taken away from them.

The way that TPS works is that the Secretary of Homeland Security designates a country for it based on conditions that temporarily prevent its nationals from returning home safely. Which is why Haitian nationals are permitted to apply for TPS and in turn live in America without fear of deportation. Therefore, the Trump administration’s failure to renew the status will effectively make Haitian refugees illegal immigrants. This fact alone does not guarantee their deportation, which Trump fails to realize. He is only making life difficult for any refugee that chooses to stay in America.
There are tons of posts on social media apps alluding to Canada welcoming refugees despite the fact that Canada lifted its ban on deportation of Haitians back in 2016. Making the prospect of rebuilding a life there so much more uncertain. This isn’t slowing down the surge of refugees fleeing the U.S. Earlier this month Canadian immigration agencies had to open the mammoth Olympic Stadium in Montreal to facilitate the increase in Haitian immigration. Is this uncertain asylum enough for refugees to uproot their lives, and leave behind all the hopes and dreams they once had pinned on Lady Liberty?  

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