BEHIND THE SPEAKER: DJ Ted Smooth sits down with Funkmaster Flex

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) BEHIND THE SPEAKER: DJ Ted Smooth sits down with Funkmaster Flex

ENSPIRE Contributor: Djata Doumbouya

Hot 97’s very own Funkmaster Flex sat down with “Behind the Speaker’s” Dj Ted Smooth and discussed his status in the in the hip-hop world. “Behind the Speaker “ is Ted smooth’s new live audience show that focuses on the persona of insightful people. Funkmaster Flex, 50, is a Bronx native who started his DJ career in small clubs of New York City. In 1987 he got his first radio job at Kiss-FM on a recommendation from his mentor DJ Red Alert. At the time Kiss FM was one of the few mainstream radio station’s that regularly played R&B and Hip Hop music.
During the interview, Flex shared his feelings about the status of today’s hip-hop. Flex expressed admiration for the up and coming rappers such as A-Boogie, Dave East and Cardi B. “It is not my first choice of music to put on in my house” He said “But it is now their time to shine. I already had my time.”

After leaving Kiss-FM Flex moved on to Hot 97. Upon arriving at Hot 97 it took him some time to reestablish his credibility with a more mainstream audience. As a DJ Flex refuses to compromise his sense of ethics and emphasized how he never took money from any artist to play their track on the Radio. He prides himself on being able to judge an artist’s music without the fear of being spoken down upon. Flex gave some advice for young people today to not base their lives on social media.“ Instagram isn’t  real, No one posts their failures,” he says. Flex continues his legacy on Hot 97 and is maybe hoping to write a book one day.

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