Brooklyn's Own Star Ambri is Ready to Shine

(ENSPIRE Music) Brooklyn’s Own Star Ambri is Ready to Shine

By ENSPIRE Contributor: Tylah Willis

In a society where the music industry is dominated by sex, money, and drugs, music is in desperate need of new unique talent. We’re seeing a rapid change of focus through women like SZA, Solange, and Kehlani with their soulful R&B sound. A new addition to this list of soulful women is upcoming artist Ambri.

Ambri is a Brooklyn native R&B singer/songwriter who advocates for women empowerment and is all for defying societal standards of beauty. She’s covered songs by artist like Tory Lanez, Adele, Zayn and also has two of her originals “Brooklyn” and “Wouldn’t Be” on her SoundCloud. Ambri is a strong believer in knowing yourself worth and incorporates these messages in her songs. She explains that as a child her parents instilled the value of self-love to her and her other siblings at a young age. She hopes that this message could be spread through her music stating that her voice is a tool to do so. She also adds that she’s never fallen into the temptations of peer pressure. This being a great breath of fresh air since everyone is destined to alter their bodies because of insecurities driven by social media. More and more women are dying due to botched plastic surgery, caused by low self-esteem and enabled by societal standards.

Ambri also talks about her love for music and how it’s not about the money for her but just the part of it. Though she loves making music, being in the music industry can be challenging at times. Her tip to counteract these obstacles is knowing yourself. She stated, “You have to know yourself.” she says.  If you don’t know yourself as an artist, if you don’t know yourself as a person, you’re not going to get very far. They’re going to chew you up and spit you out because you don’t know who you are.”

Ambri’s phenomenal music and messages are sure to alter our minds on how we view ourselves as well as the people around us. She is rare, raw and real talent that is destined for greatness and is certain to inspire others with her honesty in her musical career.


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