Subjectivity UK Brings the Conversation to NYC


( ENSPIRE Community ) Subjectivity UK Brings the Conversation to NYC

ENSPIRE Contributor: Carlos Luciano

SubjectivityUK was founded by LionHeart and Charles Rare in 2014 with the idea of giving deep thinkers a space to express their thoughts. LionHeart is a poet from the United Kingdom who joined up with Rare a social entrepreneur that has made a following for himself. According to founders Charles Rare and LionHeart, “SubjectivityUK” is more than a show to us, it’s a means of cultivating a community experience and platform where we can grow, challenge and question the deepest topics that move us.” Building communities and promoting interactions between individuals is part of the global movement SubjectivityUK looks to accomplish. Discussions at these shows allow attendees to express their real opinions of important topics like relationships, masculinity, and issues pertaining to race. As of this posting, they have shows located in BRUM, London, and now New York City. Subjectivity UK will frequently feature guests at these venues that cover the full spectrum of influence. While being entertaining and giving voice to questions we have on a day to day experience. LionHeart and Rare have cultivated these events alongside their longstanding history of being positive influences on social media. Their platforms have allowed them fans from all around the world. Rare and Lionheart report that their New York show saw plenty of people from out of town who came based only on what they had heard about the show. New York is a dense city with a ton of vocal individuals. Author/107.5 WBLS host Indy Smith and hip-hop artist Dylan Dili were special guests on its first New York City event. The first NYC event had a great turnout, engaged the audience and had them continuing the conversation. The audience gathered outside to talk amongst each other at how necessary these types of conversations are. It went from discussing SubjectivityUk and its effects to them discussing their own personal experiences among each other. Can the NYC side of SubjectivityUK be the biggest among their current locations? Time will tell.  You can explore the SubjectivityUK podcast which is on Soundcloud for a deeper understanding of what this community is about.]]>


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