The Jay Z Effect



What would you do if you met your idol, your role model, your true inspiration; and the result of meeting this iconic person suddenly changed the rest of your life? For some, Madonna or Prince would leave an everlasting impression on our souls, for DJ Juss, it was hip-hop legend, Jay-Z. Privileged with the opportunity to go to the 2013 MTV VMA after party, DJ Juss had the ability to enjoy himself while having the time of his life at the party of the year. Surrounded by celebrities and flashing lights, DJ Juss was living it up. After exiting from a bathroom stall, DJ Juss looked up and there he was, in the flesh and as tall as ever, Jay-Z! Collecting all thoughts as quickly as possible, DJ Juss took advantage of the opportunity and asked for a selfie with Jay-Z, in the bathroom. Distraught and caught off guard by the King of New York’s decline, DJ Juss soon experienced many challenges shortly afterwards based on this simple miscommunication. Depicted in an independent film as a short comedy, experience a day in the life of DJ Juss and his hysterical encounter with daily situations and tribulations while realizing the effect that social media can have on an average Joe’s daily life. “The Jay Z Effect” is a clever concept. How many of us run into celebrities and take pictures with them have a story to tell. Sometimes true to the “T” or exaggerated to the “Z”, not “E” (you get my point). This short film was funded by the Indiegogo campaign and released December 4, 2014 to celebrate the 45th birthday of the iconic Jay-Z. Written and produced by Dj Juss and his partner Kerstyn Dioulo of Nine 7 Productions, you can catch this comedy of hashtags gone wrong!]]>


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