Bronx Fashion Week Returns


Bronx Fashion Week Returns flora On May 9th Bronx Fashion Week returned to the Old Bronx Courthouse in “Boogie Down” Bronx, NY. Such a great location at a historic site that embodies the essence of The Bronx that is being transformed into an art exhibit. The best part this return came during the celebration of Bronx Week and proceeds from ticket sales went to various charitable organizations. Bronx Fashion Week, the birthplace of hip hop and style now becomes The Home of Fashion. Bronx Fashion Week is a renowned week with a celebration of brand, originality and style which will merge and offer distinguished and different styles to the fashion industry.  It will encompass all boundaries uniting the fashion industry as it brings together the creative vision of Bronx Fashion LLC. Hosted by “LaBruja” Caridad De La Luz who has performed has performed internationally including The Apollo, The Museum of Natural History and the famed Nuyorican Poets Café where she began her career. With the addition of talented performers, ambiance and fashion made it a night to remember. Announced by CEO of Bronx Fashion Week Flora Montes, Bronx Fashion Week is not just an event is it NOW a fashion house. As the first fashion house for the borough of the Bronx, it will be the umbrella for the Gift to Empower which will be run by Latanya Devaughn. It’s mission will be to help children and families in need through education, workshops and training initiatives. Latanya Devaughn will be introducing some amazing programs to help the Bronx.  Some of the fabulous designers who participated in this fabulous event were: Miros Rosado is the Runway Coordinator for Bronx Fashion Week and one of it’s board members. She is CEO of Aval Fashions and is a well-known fashion designer that has been designing for over 2 years for well known celebrities. She has an online boutique where all your fashion and custom needs come together in one unique fabulous fashion experience which screams You Own This Look. Bronx Fashion Week Returns mr Bronx Fashion Week Returns mr2 Anita Rivers is a little woman with BIG designs. She is one of the most celebrated black female designers of her generation from the Bronx with a degree in fashion design from The Art Institute. Her line, Classic Royalty features classic and one of a kind designs that inspire self confidence for both woman and men. Her designs range from Classic to Urban with a little bit of spice in between for all ages & ethnicity’s. Bronx Fashion Week Returns ar2 Bronx Fashion Week Returns ar   FRANCOISE DESMANGLES is a collection that speaks to whatever your language is.  Her collections are about individuality. She designs for the women who love to express themselves with the desire and confidence to assemble their own style. She incorporates embroidery, lace and embellishments into feminine looks that are dramatic with ageless silhouettes. Her inspirations come from within and from every woman she sees on the street or wherever she is. Bronx Fashion Week Returns fd2 Bronx Fashion Week Returns fd Stephanie Holliday has a mission is to make you absolutely beautiful in the skin you’re in giving you exclusivity in every piece you wear. Bronx Fashion Week Returns sh2 Bronx Fashion Week Returns sh Yvonne Jewnell Bronx Fashion Week Returnsyj5 Bronx Fashion Week Returns yj3Glamourous Laura Bronx Fashion Week Returns glamlau2 Bronx Fashion Week Returns glamla   The New York Fashion Chamber of Commerce will be spearheaded by Flora Montes and Katalina Rodriguez. It’s vision will be to strengthen, promote and develop talent pertaining to fashion and the fine arts by giving them the tools necessary to succeed. The New York Fashion Chamber of Commerce will nurture designers, models, artists, entertainers, photographers, beauty stylists as well as performers by bringing forth talent, originality and success uniting one industry to support existing, emerging and established talent by pooling our talents and resources to support all components of the Fashion Industry while uniting fashion houses in NYC. [slideshow_deploy id=’2565′]]]>


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