Caitlyn Jenner: Why I Disagree with the Winner, Not the Lifestyle


Caitlin Jenner: Why I disagree with the winner, not the lifestyleCaitlin Jenner: Why I disagree with the winner, not the lifestyle                       ( ENSPIRE SPORTS BLOG ) Caitlyn Jenner: Why I Disagree with the Winner, Not the Lifestyle So I am probably going to get  a lot of heat for this post but the saying goes, “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. ” This year, former Olympic athlete Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner is the 2015 Espy Award recipient for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. It is an annual award recognizing athletes in the sports world for stepping up to the forefront and becoming triumphant despite the trials and tribulations life can throw at you. To quote Power 105 radio personality Charlamagne Da God, “Live your truth so no one can use that truth against you. ” While I do admire Caitlyn for having the courage to live her truth despite the positive and negative feedback she’s been getting (some of these blogs, FB, and Instagram posts/comments  were just awful to look at), I just don’t agree with ESPN on this one. I often think of the past award recipients. Who can forget the late Jim Valvano’s tearful speech about never giving up despite his cancer situation? What about John Carlos  and Tommy Smith, two Olympic athletes who were stripped of their Olympic medals because of  raising their black fists in time of serious racial issues in the 1960’s. I couldn’t help but think of this year’s runner up for the ESPY Award. A man by the name of Noah Galloway. No he’s no sports superstar on a winning NFL, NBA, or MLB franchise, he’s not a NASCAR or Formula One race driver with multiple sponsors. Galloway is a United States Army veteran who lost his arm and leg in a roadside bombing, yet is one of the top cross-fit athletes in the country. He competes in numerous events including  marathons, triathlons and the 58 hr death race (boy that sounds like fun). In Short, there is courage in revealing  and living ones true self. But there’s also courage in making the ultimate sacrifice, risking your life and limbs to protect a country that is built on “freedom and the right to choose” regardless of religion, race, background or sexual preference.  That doesn’t get anymore “Courageous” than that. Thank you Mr Noah Galloway.   V3]]>


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