Kid President hosting 'Tell-A-Thon' to End Hunger


One of YouTube’s funniest and wisest kids is using his fame to spread awareness about an important topic: child hunger in the U.S. Robby Novak, better known as Kid President, is teaming up with ConAgra Foods to host a summer-long “Tell-A-Thon,” encouraging people to tell others how child hunger in America increases during the summer, when kids no longer have access to free and reduced-price school meals. The “Tell-A-Thon,” which will kick off via a YouTube live stream on Wednesday, aims to shed light on the rarely discussed topic, hoping to get 22 million people talking — the same number of children who rely on school lunches every year in the U.S. During the summer, 80% of those 22 million kids are often left wondering about their next meals. Kid President hosting 'Tell-A-Thon' to End Hunger This is the second time ConAgra Foods and the ConAgra Foods Foundation have partnered with Kid President — last year, they collaborated on a video to introduce the issue many people don’t know about. This year, they’re hoping to go even further, using the “Tell-A-Thon” to encourage more people to actually get involved in their own communities. SOURCE ]]>


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