Are You A Saint Or A Sinner



ENSPIRE Gets the Inside Scoop on the Hit Drama Series Saints and Sinners with Jasmine Burke Interview by Stephanie Fleary It is going down this Sunday on BounceTV! If you haven’t been following, you definitely need to catch-up before the airing of Sunday night’s finale episode of the hit drama series, Saints and Sinners. The plot has thickened and we have been left in utter suspense as the drama unfolds with twists and turns you would never expect. ENSPIRE was able to get some of the inside scoop from the series’ very own Jasmine Burke who plays Dr. Christie Johnson. Jasmine was born and raised in Georgia and says that her southern hospitality and respectable upbringing has led to her success as an actress as well as a key component in landing the role of Dr. Johnson. Related Article:Angell Conwell and Omar Gooding of Family Time on Bounce TV Saints & Sinners is an hour-long drama centering on the Greater Hope Baptist Church. The church is the heartbeat of Cypress, GA, a southern Town outside Atlanta, which evolved into a city over the years. When a violent murder rocks the community, the church that holds the secrets of the entire town is at risk of imploding. Are You A Saint Or A Sinner Stephanie: When you read the Saints and Sinners script and the character of Dr. Johnson, what would you say was most appealing? Jasmine: The most appealing part to me was to play a young accomplished woman of color. I felt good about playing a strong African-American doctor who although was very accomplished and held a certain status, still faced problems any other person would face. Stephanie: Do you relate to your character in any way? If so, how? Jasmine: I can relate when it comes to finding my own voice. Even though I’m a little further along than my character as Dr. Johnson, I can relate to always being told certain things I should and shouldn’t do with my professional life and image. It feels good to be able to have your own voice. Stephanie: Do you think this is your breakout role and what do you do to prepare for it? Jasmine: Well, maybe it could be. When you do well playing a certain character people always say, “Hey this is your break out role.” So it could be. I hope it is! To prepare for any role, I like to read through the script alone. I read it, pluck out the character points, find her ups and downs and character arch. Are You A Saint Or A Sinner Stephanie: What is it like being part of and working with such a talented cast? Jasmine: It is great! Everyone is a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate working with Vanessa Bell Calloway. She inspires others to rise to the occasion. She sets the tone and pushes us all to be our best. Stephanie: So we have been able to follow your character’s role and evolution during season 1, like her fling with Miles to her relationship with Christian, what can readers expect from the season finale? Jasmine: Ha! All I will say is you really need to watch. It definitely takes some twists and turns you would not expect. What’s funny is, the creator Ty Scott didn’t release the script all at once so a lot of the time we were just as surprised at the way things unfolded as the viewers. I think that was a great strategy. Stephanie: Well, we are definitely going to watch this Sunday’s finale on BounceTV to watch the drama unfold. Where can fans stay connected to you and the Saints and Sinners series? Jasmine: I am on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @jasmineburke You can follow #SaintsandSinners on @BounceTV 8pm Central/9pm EST]]>


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