On Sight With Tiffany Evans!


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) On Sight With Tiffany Evans

Singer, actress and entrepreneur Tiffany Evans is back!  Evans being discovered at just the tender age of nine overcame homeless and became a music prodigy after winning 2003’s  “Star Search” with a perfect score. In 2005 Evans made musical appearances in Tyler Perry’s film Diary of a Mad Black Women, CBS’s the district and more. Within the same year, Evans signed her first contract with Columbia records and eventually released her self-titled debut album in 2008. Evans self-titled debut album included chart topping hits “Promise Ring” featuring Ciara and “I’m Gown’ featuring Bow wow. Evans went on a hiatus up until 2011 and started out fresh when she left Columbia Records soon after. In 2013 Evans started her own independent label, “Live Love Entertainment.” Evans went on to release her first independent EP “143” and it was well received by her fans with over 65,000 downloads in it’s first week. Evans is back at it again with “All Me,” which features her latest single “On sight.” The sexy club banger features Mr. “679” himself, Fetty Wap. The 23-year-old songstress stopped by Enspire to give us insight on her new single, life and elements of Tiffany Evans. On her collaboration with Fetty Wap, Evans stated,
“I recorded while pregnant with my second daughter and a friend . . .connected me with his DJ he got the record and killed it, I wish all collaborations would happen like this.”
On the title of the EP, Evans stated that the title “it represented who I am right now.” During the interview Evans also discussed keeping the spice in her marriage, the moment she fell in love and her future legacy and so much more. https://youtu.be/rgu3LtdfeL4 Evans story is “Enspirational” because she is an artist that embodies the mantra of staying true to you; Evans took a hiatus at one point during her career to do just that. During this hiatus she found love, inspiration for more songs and motherhood. Finding yourself is not always an easy thing but it is a journey that we all must take to find fulfillment in life. https://soundcloud.com/tiffanyevans/on-sight]]>


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