Fashion For Survival!


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Fashion For Survival The mantra, everyone has a story to tell, rings true for Nigerian born fashion designer Chuks Collins. On the night of April 8th 2016, the creator of “Kholyns Couture” used his personal story as a motivator to combine the entities of fashion and charity into one, Fashion for Survival. The Fashion Vie event featured complimentary glasses of champagne, a red carpet, a runway show which highlighted the designer’s “Survival” Collection. Live performances by singers Mekia Machine and Angela L. Owens were a great addition to the show. The music was provided by DJ and Human beat boxer Verbal Ase. The affair included television host/producer of HuffPostLive and Access Hollywood Live Karamo Brown as the master of the ceremony. The festivities were enjoyable as Brown used humor and wit to transition the audience from one part of the show to the next. Check our interview with Karamo: The main highlight of the occasion took place a little before the silent auction; this section of the affair was opened by Collins himself.

Collins  became overwhelmed with emotion as he reminisced on his past struggles, revealed that he had struggle with homelessness and even a traumatic accident in which the designer almost lost his leg.
To add-on his list off troubles, the designer became diagnosed with kidney disease soon after. Though it was a difficult road the designer said with the help of some friends and the group Housing Works he was able to overcome and become the very man he is today. The designer pays it forward by donating a part of the proceeds from the auction towards Housing Works. Housing Works is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1990 to offer support for those that are dealing with issues relating to AIDS and/or homelessness. During the silent auction guests were allowed to bid on new designs from Collins “Haute Couture” line. Mr. Chuk Collins is Enspirational because he embodies the true meaning of a survivor, the man did not let homelessness or even a near fatal accident stop him from chasing his dreams and making it big within the fashion world. Photo Credit: Brother-Micheal Katlow Cox Memories 4 Life and ENSPIRE Magazine fashion for survival fashion for survival fashion for survival fashion for survival Fashion For Survival Fashion for survival Fashion for survival Fashion for survival Fashion for survival]]>


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