Golden Brooks Talks Season 3 Hollywood Divas: Part 2 Reunion


( ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ) Golden Brooks Talks Season 3 Hollywood Divas The hit reality series Hollywood Divas has concluded its third season and it’s reunion time! Being a huge fan of these black actresses, I was more than excited to talk with Golden Brooks about this past season. Hollywood Divas is a one-hour reality series highlighting the ups and downs of black actresses trying to navigate career, family and relationships, while attempting to stay relevant in an unpredictable entertainment industry known for overlooking black talent. In an effort to stay relevant, these forgotten stars decide to think outside the box, band together and take matters into their own hands to create their own short film and, hopefully, stage their own comeback. The explosive season has been filled with highs and lows as the divas manage their careers, relationships and friendships the hit docu-series shows us the drama doesn’t end when the director says “cut.” We got a glimpse of the aftermath of season 3 during the first part of the reunion. Part 2 airs Wednesday August 24th. We got a chance to talk with Hollywood Divas own Golden Brooks about her third season and how she dealt with all the drama. Hollywood Divas cast season 3 Tell us about this season of Hollywood Divas. This was a tough season, it was dramatic with a lot of controversy. This is my third season and people got to see what I deal with. I continue to learn and know that I can only control what comes out my mouth. There are a lot of personalities on this cast. What makes you comfortable to show the world your recent ups and downs? Well that was difficult as well. You see me deal with new people and the drama. You have to control yourself. I am blessed to have such a great support system with my mother. She has guided me through so much and continues to be there for me. Regina Hall has been one of my long time friends who has also helped me and supported me during the show.The fact that people reach out to me and say they are sorry for what I went through and are learning from my situations gives me a great feeling. How do you handle the drama on the show? Faith and a strong support system. My mother is such an amazing woman. No one can tell my story like me and you have to pick and choose your battles. Golden Brooks of Hollywood Divas What’s your relationship like with the other divas? Has it evolved? Lisa Wu is a great friend, we have grown so much together. She supports me and I support her. Malika is about her brand what more can I say. She really knows her brand. I don’t what to tell you about Countess. Has there been anything positive you want to speak about in using your platform of Hollywood Divas? I am having a lot of success with my home décor line, The Golden Collection. We recently expanded due to the great exposure. I am really proud of it, the pillows are doing amazing. And now I have candles as well. Besides my home décor line, I am putting together an organization called Poetry4Hire. It would be a program implemented in schools to teach our kids poetry. It is a true form or art that our kids are not learning in schools. Are we going to get a Girlfriends movie? I know that I would love to do that, as well as the other cast members. You all should go to Girlfriends on social media and continue to support and write. It would be up to Mara Brock Akil and Kelsey Grammar to make that decision. Where can our audience follow you on social media? Instagram: therealgolden47 and Twitter: @therealgolden47   Watch a clip from the season finale and catch The Reunion Part 1 clips at Hollywood Divas is produced by Thinkfactory Media for TV One. Executive Producers are Carlos King for King’s Kingdom Reign Entertainment and Todd Tucker for Tucker’s TTucker Productions. Lamar Chase is Executive in Charge of Production; Robyn Arrington Greene is Vice President of Original Programming and Production; and D’Angela Proctor is Head of Original Programming and Production TV One.]]>


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