Will Smith Meets Love, Time and Death in New Movie 'Collateral Beauty'


(ENSPIRE ENTERTAINMENT) Will Smith Meets Love, Time and Death in New Movie ‘Collateral Beauty’ It’s taken some doing, with a few casting shake-ups and a switch in directors, bl Smith Meets Love, Time and Death in New Movie ‘Collateral Beauty’ut Collateral Beauty looks to be ready to hit theaters this December 16th. The melodrama, directed by The Devil Wears Prada helmer David Frankel, stars Will Smith alongside Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, and many more! Today, Warner Bros. has blessed us with the first trailer for the film. The New Line film follows a New York advertising executive (Smith) who experiences a personal tragedy when his colleagues try to come up with a plan to get him out of his depression. Their plan works, but in a different way than they imagined. As a means of therapy, Howard spends lots of time writing letters, not to people but to “things.” Before long he is “gifted” with personifications of Love, Time and Death, who give him a chance to “live again.” There looks to be an uneasy balance being struck in the movie, between the real-life tragedy that Smith’s character is suffering through and the fantastical twist that leads him to meet up with the personifications of Time, Love, and Death (Jacob Latimore, Knightley, and Mirren). Frankel may very well find some substantial material in this conceit but right now, the movie looks like one of those tiny, vaguely spiritual inspirational melodramas that favors the sentimentalism that we love and often need. Of course, we’re over three months away from seeing what Collateral Beauty actually is, and Frankel is known for sneaking in several moments of curiosity and fascinating ideas into his studio comedies and melodramas. For now, you can check out the full Collateral Beauty trailer below.

Here’s the first trailer for Collateral Beauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpFyds_pS2E
Here’s the official synopsis for Collateral Beauty:

Oscar winner David Frankel (“Dear Diary,” “The Devil Wears Prada”) directs the thought-provoking, ensemble drama “Collateral Beauty,” from New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures.

When a successful New York advertising executive (Will Smith) experiences a deep personal tragedy and retreats from life entirely, his colleagues devise a drastic plan to force him to confront his grief in a surprising and profoundly human way.

“Collateral Beauty” features an all-star cast, including Will Smith (“Suicide Squad,” “Concussion”), Edward Norton (“Birdman or [The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance]”), Keira Knightley (“The Imitation Game”), Michael Peña (“The Martian”), Naomie Harris (“Spectre”), Jacob Latimore (“The Maze Runner”), with Oscar winners Kate Winslet (“The Reader,” “Steve Jobs”) and Helen Mirren (“The Queen,” “Trumbo”)



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