The Petty Betty's Are Here For Singer Jazmine Sullivan In Full Force


( ENSPIRE NEWS ) The Petty Betty’s Are Here For Singer Jazmine Sullivan In Full Force Jazmine Sullivan put up a lengthy Facebook post on Tuesday night in response to the news of the recent death of gospel singer Thomas “TC” Clay. But rather than memorialize him the way many may be familiar with, Sullivan spoke about  herself and talked at length about how TC had a crush on her. He seemed to have feelings for her that, as she pointed out several times in the post, she didn’t reciprocate. You can read the entire post here: Naturally, Twitter users went into savage mode almost immediately and roasted Sullivan for finding a way to essentially curve a man who just died. She has since deleted her post from Facebook, but that hasn’t stopped people from going in on her. And we all know that when the chickens come to roost everyone must join in agreement, without using any individual thought. In all honesty, I read it and thought there was a lesson in her words. It was evident that she regrets that she passed on getting to know someone who was a good person. She was shading herself, not the gospel singer who admired her. Regret is grief and that was what Jazmine was sharing. That’s her way of saying I lost because I missed out. We’ve all had people in our lives from our closest family members to a stranger who may have had a distant admiration for us that we didn’t give our time and attention to. In those times, if they pass or something horrible happens to them we reflect on the shoulda, coulda, woulda moments we missed out on. This is no different. In a world begging for transparency, it amazes me how quickly we tear each other down for sharing some of the pages in our once locked diaries. I won’t dare give much attention to the posts that are trending on Twitter regarding this, you can easily find that on other outlets. I just felt that some perspective was needed outside of those sitting in their glass houses with piles of stones. The truth is, her post isn’t about her…and it isn’t about any of you.]]>


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