Get to know The Chainges Fund Inc.


(ENSPIRE Profile ) The Chainges Fund Inc. Has a Mission The Chainges fund is an Urban Development organization whose mission is to bridge the gap between small owned businesses and our youth. The Chainges fund, commonly referred to as Chainges, was influenced by two things, the Founder’s love for Tupac (Changes) and her desire to create a positive connotation for a word that has plagued her community for many years, “chains.” Wanting to create much more than an organization the #CHAINGES movement has been an evolvement for all impacted and now in 2017 the name takes on more meaning, probing people to answer why they matter. The organization ended last year with a  celebration of #CHAINGES fundraising event. It was an amazing round-up, honoring community leaders and hearing from guest speakers who embody the charity’s values, 4 P’s 4 Progress and acknowledging the service and efforts made since establishing in 2014. The organization honored Jay Morrison as the Profit Chaingemaker for his Corner Classes, Becky Russel as the Positivity Chaingemaker for her #BeaGoodHuman campaign, Miya Bailey as the Productivity Chaingemaker for establishing Notch8 Gallery and Local Brands only in addition to the City of Ink locations, and Terence Lester as the Pride Chaingemaker for the March Against Poverty campaign. [caption id="attachment_5652" align="aligncenter" width="432"]Celebration of #CHAINGES fundraising event Celebration of #CHAINGES fundraising event[/caption] This year the organization is focusing on building more relationships with small owned businesses and supporting fiscal sponsors. The Chainges Fund partnered with The S.I.R.S (Samaritans in Real Situations) this past January for their Still in School Bash and the Neighborhood Heroes for their upcoming G Code event for young women. The Chainges Fund is a collaborative organization looking to build one of the largest networks to support small owned businesses and underrepresented populations. The Chainges Fund is a nonprofit social services organization that facilitates relationships, mainly service, internship, apprenticeship, and employment between small owned businesses and underrepresented populations. For more information about the Chainges fund and how to join the collaborative organization can be found on]]>


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