Chrissy Monroe is Raising Domestic Violence Awareness with Survive to Thrive Global


( ENSPIRE Community ) Chrissy Monroe is Raising Domestic Violence Awareness with Survive to Thrive Global We are approaching October which is domestic violence awareness month but there are people out on the frontlines making efforts every day to help and educate others. One of those champions of the cause is Chrissy Monroe. She has been advocating and creating avenues for those affected by domestic violence to get better and become stronger. She has created an organization that uses its resources and collaborates with other organizations who want to make sure that domestic violence survivors get their life back. The name of the organization is Survive to Thrive Global and it was created to help educate and provide as many resources as possible to those who are still suffering from domestic violence. Just recently Survive to Thrive Global had a fundraising event at the 212 Steakhouse in New York City. It was extremely powerful in hearing others stories and what made it more amazing is that these people turned their stories into a passion to help others. So many people came to support Chrissy and this fundraiser like Al Reynolds, Katherine F. Hoxie, Billie Blunt of BB Magazine and many other supporters.  DJ Jazzy Joyce took care of the crowd as Benita Bortey CEO of Posh Africa hosted and is Vice Chair of Survive to Thrive Global organization. It is always motivating to see others support endeavors that go past friendships or business but is a movement to empower others from a troubling situation or circumstance.

Survive to Thrive Global and is strong supporters are currently getting ready for another event and will not stop there. This is an ongoing initiative to spread the help they can give and what other organizations or people can do to help support the cause. Chrissy Monroe created Survive To Thrive Global, Inc. to uncover the layers of abuse that she had experienced for herself to educate and help other women or men who have or might be in a similar situation.

I may not be able to save everyone, but even if it is one life then it makes all the difference to me/I was one of the lucky ones, I got away but every single day people are dying from what is supposed to be “love.”

Chrissy Monroe whose life was in the spotlight because of her being on Love and Hip Hop gave an emotional speech that shows how far she has come and how she is ready to help others. She is very open about her past relationships and you can feel it when she speaks about it. It wasn’t easy, it was painful but she made it through. Flip Mode Squad’s first lady, Rah Digga spoke about her own experience and how she can speak to abuse being a cycle that transcends generations. In her case it was verbal abuse, she didn’t realize that her mother would speak to her father a certain way, she would do the same in her relationship and she saw her daughter doing it as well. Kendra Turner owner of I am S.O.D.A. came all the way from Atlanta, GA to tell us about her organization and how her own experience with domestic violence is what powered her to put together her organization. She was married and living with abuse for years. There were others who came to speak to let us know that domestic violence has no color, race or gender. From hearing these testimonies and seeing where these people are now it should give others hope. What adds on to this hope are people using their platforms and creating things to assist others to get out of bad relationships or toxic situations.
Survive to Thrive Global Inc. is dedicated to exposing the hidden culture of domestic violence and abuse and educating the public about the numerous policies that impact victims of domestic violence. Many archaic policies prevent victims of abuse from seeking help and obtaining safety and security to live freely, without the violent and coercive influences of an intimate partner. We seek to positively influence and enhance the public’s understanding of domestic violence in order to change this insidious culture – a culture where even strong, resourceful men and women find themselves in situations they never dreamed would be a part of their lives. Survive to Thrive Global seeks to a give a voice to victims of domestic abuse, and to educate the public about the factors that drive this harmful culture in order to effect positive change.

To donate to this great cause, click here.

 Photo credit: Martin Studder Photography


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