Curvy Chick Fitness & Jack Rabbit Stores Welcomes Plus Models Summer Wayans & Project Runway Model Monique Robinson


( ENSPIRE Community ) Curvy Chick Fitness & Jack Rabbit Stores Welcomes Plus Model Summer Wayans & Project Runway Model Monique Robinson Underscoring their ongoing commitment to community, health, CEO of Curvy Chick Fitness Charity Lynette teamed up with Jack Rabbit Stores in Manhattan recently for a NY Fashion Week edition of her #AHealthyHeartNY Community Run/Meet and Greet. Her special celebrity guests were Project Runway Season 16 Model “Monique Robinson” & Second Generation Wayans/Established Plus Model “Dr. Summer Wayans.” #AHealthyHeartNY is a series of running events around the city held at Jack Rabbit Eastside NYC, to encourage better cardiovascular health among all New Yorkers.  The event started with a 2.5 mile run then back to the store for snacks, meet & greet, media interviews, then live Q & A hosted by Charity Lynette. This NY Fashion Week edition Q&A focused on Body Positivity, what it’s like being in the modeling industry as a plus-size model and still having a passion for eating correctly and working out. Many people don’t seem to think these things happen in the plus model industry.  

This event is Charity‘s third successful Community Run and Celebrity Meet & Greet. In the past Charity has welcomed Denver Broncos Superbowl Champ Brandon Marshall and his artists M.MarshallSamantha Wallace of Love & Hip Hop NY, Artist/Entrepreneur Dirti Diana,  Super Bowl XLVII champion Bernard Pierce, currently of the Denver Broncos & Love & Hip Hop NY star Sofi Green, just to name a few. Charity‘s goal is to welcome celebrities in the New York area at least once a month to continue encouraging the community to run and keep the heart healthy and active.  
Another goal of #AHealthyHeartNY is an effort to educate the community on proper running sneakers and how important the proper footwear is in adapting to a more healthy lifestyle. While in the store guests are able to see a gait analysis done. A gait analysis is a free tool used at #JackRabbitEastsideNYC to quickly and accurately determine which type and category of footwear will work best for you. A gait analysis involves one of their fit fanatics recording your lower legs and feet while you run or walk on a treadmill at a comfortable pace for 30 seconds to one minute. The camera is set up behind you, and upon playback in slow motion, they are able to analyze each stride to determine what your feet are doing upon initial ground contact, all the way through toe-off into the next foot strike.
Charity Lynette is asking the community, media, celebrities and everyone in the New York City area to join us in supporting #AHealthyHeartNY 
Please contact for further information regarding dates on the next run, becoming a celebrity motivator, covering a run or just supporting them with promotional products.
Stay tuned for the new TV series “What’s In Your Basket” by Charity Lynette coming soon.
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