The Phil Taitt Show: Dream Reach Inspire "Power Talk Series"


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) The Phil Taitt Show: Dream Reach Inspire “Power Talk Series”

Photo Credit: Patrick Maurice

An individual who seeks to encourage people from all walks of life give off a particular type of infectious energy from their passion. On Saturday, December 16, 2017, The Phil Taitt Show partnered with ForSmiles Inc., hosting a private dinner honoring two amazing women whose passion in their respective industries goes unnoticed. There was nothing but amazing energy in a room of supporters, business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs coming together to raise money for the Dream Reach Inspire Power Talk Series. Ericka Pittman, Chief Marketing Officer of Aqua Hydrate, VP of Blue Flame Agency, Combs Enterprises and Misa Hylton, fashion style icon, designer, certified life coach, and philanthropist were the honorees of the evening. Phil created a wonderful video introduction followed by his own encouraging words as to why these ladies deserve to be honored. Related Article: Dream, Reach, Inspire, Awards With Stars from Destiny’s Child, NY Giants, BET & Miss Jessie’ Misa spoke about having faith in yourself and what you do. She started at a young age but knew that her journey was meaningful. Her recap was a great example of how life aligns and things come into form when you’re following your passion. Ericka spoke about being driven by money to create security for herself and others around her. Her experience has shown her that success and potential come from anywhere and all we can do is prepare for it. The audience’s engagement of being in awe of these two women’s stories displayed how they appreciated their perspectives. It felt as if the majority could relate to the process of, finding, learning or proclaiming their greatness. [caption id="attachment_7978" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Phil Taitt, Ericka Pittman, Misa Hylton, and Malissa Redmond[/caption] Phil took his time to acknowledge his partners, sponsors and individual supporters who were in the room. Surely, I can acknowledge a consensus in an opinion that when Malissa Redmond of ForSmiles Inc. spoke about her partnership with Phil, it brought out all the emotions. Her story was amazing and encouraging as well. She believes in what she does as her life is an example of how opportunities come in all forms. It can come in the form of something simple or difficult. Either way one must continue to take steps towards what they really want to do regardless of obstacles. [caption id="attachment_7982" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Phil Taitt & Malissa Redmund[/caption] This is event was special for us because we were able to support as one of the many sponsors Phil reached out to. It was a pleasure to be apart of something someone has been working hard for and you can see their dream coming true. What is also did was bring together a room full of people who genuinely support a person’s God-given talent to DREAM, REACH and INSPIRE! [caption id="attachment_7979" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Ericka Pittman & Misa Hylton[/caption] The Phil Taitt Show will cater to low budget schools by hosting the Dream Reach Inspire Power Talk Series which will invite various celebrities and established professionals to inspire the youth by talking about their journey and professional careers. This will help to present examples of success from our community and create positive role models which are at times not present. The Dream Reach Inspire Power Talk Series will provide programming that will include various workshops, interactive activities, and events. ]]>


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