Chekmate Takes Online Dating Deeper with Text-Free App


( ENSPIRE Business ) Jimi Tele Builds Better Relationships with His Text-Free, Catfish-Proof Dating App

ENSPIRE Contributor: Abby Ladner

Apps seem to have taken over the dating scene as more and more people move online to find their match. Going online has also been one of the only options for people looking to date safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online dating can increase the number of people you meet, but traditional dating apps also have their fair share of disadvantages. With most dating apps, people deal with trouble breaking the ice and making real meaningful connections. Worst of all, you might find out your partner’s profile picture isn’t them at all and you’ve been “catfished.” Luckily, Chekmate is ready to solve your online dating problems and help you find a match that lasts.

Chekmate is a dating app that helps you transform your online chats into real-life dates. The app is completely text-free, and all communication is done through voice and video messages, leading to more genuine and meaningful connections. Their selfie validation system makes online dating safer by eliminating the risk of talking to a fake profile, and the app even helps you find local date spots. Now, Chekmate is helping its users set up virtual dates so they can get to know someone while social distancing. Read the interview below with founder Jimi Tele to learn more about how Chekmate is changing the game of online dating.

What inspired you to create Chekmate?

We see many technologies today claim to provide interpersonal connection while instead gamifying it and promoting addictive behaviors, further dividing users and limiting them to little bubbles online. There’s a myriad of fake users and disingenuous behavior plaguing digital communities. Now more than ever, people are craving a safe space to authentically connect. So, we set out on a mission to alleviate loneliness across generations and enhance life’s experiences through dating. Loneliness is an epidemic, and the social isolation caused by COVID-19 has amplified that. We want to inspire people to collect experiences and create memories. My expertise in location data intelligence combined with my personal experience and triumphs over loneliness positioned me to create Chekmate, a unique solution bridging the gap between online and offline interactions.

I’d love to hear more about your journey. What did you do before creating Chekmate, and how did that lead you to where you are today?

I was a decorated track athlete when my Olympic dreams were abruptly destroyed due to a traumatic brain injury. During my transition to business, I discovered facilitating connections is a passion of mine. I’m a British native with Nigerian heritage that currently resides in the United States. My connection to three different regions of the globe and their diverse cultures has provided me with a unique lived experience. That experience allowed me to begin connecting conglomerates to new countries on a macro-level, which eventually turned into connecting people on a micro-level via Chekmate. As you can tell, I genuinely thrive and excel in high-stake, high-pressure, global arenas. That’s how I ended up finding my lane in the fast-paced entrepreneurial tech scene. 

Why did you decide to not include texting on the app, and what are the benefits of getting to know someone without texting?

Texting, although efficient, can create a layer of anonymity that we are looking to combat. Focusing on real-time communication such as audio and video messaging creates an opportunity for our community members to be seen and heard. This level of transparency leads to more meaningful and authentic conversations.

Could you tell me more about your app’s unique safety features?

We strive to create a catfish-proof community with our secure selfie-and dynamic messaging. These features promote real-time communication and authenticity. Users should feel comfortable knowing that Billy is actually Billy. They should not have to worry about whether or not their dream match is pretending to be someone else.

Dating is much different since the onset of COVID-19. How have you responded to the challenges of the pandemic?

Ironically, our model was designed to bridge online and offline interactions, which has become more important now than ever before. We feel that it’s possible to build authentic relationships via audio and video. There’s value in being seen and heard both virtually and IRL. COVID-19 is currently limiting everyone’s offline activity and unfortunately intensifying the loneliness epidemic. It has forced us to take a more prominent focus on digital dating and the online aspects of Chekmate. However, when it is safe to get back out there, Chekmate has the features to build that dream date in your community and take your digital connections to the next level.

Lastly—any dating advice you’d like to share (besides download Chekmate, of course)?

Finding lasting love during a pandemic hinges on two key factors: building a genuine and authentic connection, and fostering it with high-quality digital dates. Make sure your digital dating routine includes voice and video interaction. It’s important to break away from the anonymity and gamification of constant texting, scrolling, and swiping. Anyone who is genuinely interested in a relationship will be eager to have a real conversation with you. Even though COVID-19 guidelines have limited our ability to meet and date in person, voice and video communication will help bridge the gap between the online and offline world.

Chekmate is helping singles forge deeper connections online and stay safe while doing it. Looking to find a match, download Chekmate from the App Store today. Keep up with Chekmate on their website as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.