StartupStarter: An Efficient Platform for Entrepreneurship


( ENSPIRE Man Code 101 ) Jose Barrera & Lorel Scott, Owners of StartupStarter, Aim to Help the Under-represented Gain the Necessary Access

ENSPIRE Contributor: Marianna Poletti Reyes

Photographer: Dustin Baker Photography

By partnering up with innovative companies that provide funding solutions for companies at any stage, Lorel Scott and Jose Barrera, founders and operators of StartupStarter, are providing new business founders with access to funding, tools, and education. 

Lorel and Jose built StartupStarter through StartupStarter–making them poster boys and living proof of the program. They have also helped hundreds of other companies overcome their own issues. The most common success stories are accessing non-dilutive funding through grants and setting up successful fundraising campaigns amid a variety of other services. 

“StartupStarter is for everyone in the entrepreneurship ecosystem: the founders, the investors, and the service providers. The only requirement that we have for our members is to have a company or to be working on building one,” explained Lorel and Jose. 

Their team comes from different backgrounds and levels of experience building companies, allowing them to create quick and convenient solutions. Additionally, they are all minorities—Latinx, Black, Indian, military veteran, and LGBTQ, allowing them to focus on creating a brand that speaks to everyone in a cool, inclusive, and modern way. Their mission is to democratize entrepreneurship and make growing a successful business accessible to anyone without the process of selection—based on background or connections—that other companies perform when deciding who to aid.

StartupStarter works to find the companies that have the best solutions, venture funds, and platforms in order to help new or existing businesses succeed. With a bright future ahead, they are looking to further expand their program to make it easier for people to open the businesses of their dreams without struggling to succeed. 

“We live in an era where every business has a presence online; so what we set out to do is to create the most efficient and convenient platform for anyone to succeed in entrepreneurship. As long as we stick to our mission and always optimize for efficiency, we will continue to create impact,” Lorel and Jose said. 

For more information, visit and follow them on Instagram at @startupstarter.