Def Jam Records Newest R&B Pop Girl Group "Riplay"


 ( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Def Jam Records Newest R&B Pop Girl Group “Riplay”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Imani Blake

Looking and listening to the group Riplay gives me a dip back into my childhood which to me it’s a great thing! It is a great time for this generation to be relevant by showing how talented they can be in the mainstream by staying true to self. Based off what I’ve seen Riplay is not commercial, the topics they touch base on are age appropriate and realistic. As a young adult, I know that parents and older adults would approve for their kids to engage this music. Riplay brings a well needed creative campaign for the youth and young girls in entertainment especially. It has been a while, if not too recently that a girl group has been out, showing stability and making a positive mark in the music world and pop culture.
Riplay is an R&B Pop girl group from Baltimore, Maryland that consist of three young ladies, Kiya Hawthorne aka “Ki” age 17, Marshaye Hebron aka “Shaye” age 18 and their younger sister A’laiza Hebron aka “Lay” age 17 who definitely have next up in the music industry as each one of these young ladies bring a unique element to the group that sets them apart from the typical girl group.
Ki originally from Baltimore Maryland is known by the group, to bring the soul and the power behind the sound. Shaye originally from PG Maryland brings a style of Hip Hop to the group that reflects one of her idols Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. Lay brings a soft soothing sound that sets the tone for the group and with her funky image she makes a bold statement. With their natural talent in being performers, Riplay looks to entertain the music world with great music and energy. Working hard to follow and recreate the blueprint of some of the girl groups before them, as they mirror the likes of TLC, SWV, and other great female R&B Pop groups before them. Phantom Boyz Music Group is an American-based music production company, since its inception in 2006, The Phantom Boyz have produced records for both American and international artists, including Jim Jones, Christina Aguilera, B5, Alexandra Burke, BoA and Rainie Yang. Since signing with Phantom Boyz Music Group, Riplay’s video “Strange” featuring Lil Key (of Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game) & “Hate Me“ has gone viral. Strange has garnered over 3.2 million views on Facebook & Hate Me is at 1.8 million views and climbing also on Facebook. With the strategic direction of Phantom Boyz Music Group spearheading Riplay’s career, success is inevitable and the girls have nothing but a bright future ahead of them.
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