Manny Kess: Engineering His Agency


( ENSPIRE Feature ) CEO of The Kess Group, Manny Kess Has Built His Agency From the Ground Up

ENSPIRE Contributor: Fago Franklin III

Manny Kess decided that he was going to take his New York Wits to Vegas and create an agency that will help athletes, celebrities, and all others who want to go to Vegas and experience a good time.

“When I first started this agency, I had to do my research on how I could set myself apart from other competitors. I did my research on what appealed to celebrities and used my network to bring them in, as well as others. I started this agency eight years ago and I wouldn’t say it was easy building Kess Group. I had a vision and went for it.”

With building anything in life it takes time and patience and Manny saw that he could excel in the Vegas lifestyle because he had a supply and demand and did not cut corners to get to the point where his business is lucrative and well known.

“I went to casinos to get a feel of it and started networking. In this business, you have to get to know your area. Find out who is the owner or director is and build meaningful relationships with them. I did not cut any corners and I understood that you have to enjoy the process.

This year Kess Group Co-produced the 2nd Annual 50 Charity Challenge and Manny explained why he loved the experience. “We had over 8,000 people show up and supported this event for a great cause. I was pretty excited and had so much fun meeting people and hearing their stories that touched me. It was a beautiful experience.”

The Kess Group has a lot of access to a lot of different events in Vegas and globally so take a look at the website and see how The Kess Group could help broaden your experience.