Celsius Announced The Launch of Virtual Workout Platform “SWEAT WITH CELSIUS”


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Healthy Fitness Drink Brand CELSIUS® Developed The Social Media Campaign #SWEATWITHCELSIUS to Help Consumers LIVE FIT During This Time

ENSPIRE Contributor: Re’Dreyona Walker

CELSIUS®, a brand committed to aiding in consumers’ living fit, announced the launch of “SWEAT WITH CELSIUS,” a virtual workout platform that is live-streamed on the brand’s Instagram account. With the brand’s clinically-proven health benefits and award-winning flavor portfolio, CELSIUS energy drinks are the ideal way to fuel at-home workouts.

“With gyms and fitness studios shut down across the county, the fitness community is experiencing extreme hardships. From business owners and instructors to gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, everyone has had to adapt. We wanted to create a way to help everyone stay connected through fitness and health, and ‘SWEAT WITH CELSIUS’ is our way to help facilitate that,” says John Fieldly, CEO of CELSIUS.

Photo: Instagram @veronikadash #SweatwithCelsius

“SWEAT WITH CELSIUS” consists of three weekly workouts hosted by well-known fitness trainers located throughout the country and takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT. Each day they will offer a different type of workout and target a different muscle group. The workouts will stream live on CELSIUS’s Instagram page, @celsiusofficial, and are designed to offer followers from around the world a chance to try new workouts, release stress and maintain a sense of normalcy in an uncertain time. The workouts require minimal to no equipment and can be modified for all fitness levels.

Additionally, CELSIUS has also introduced a #SWEATWITHCELSIUS giveaway challenge. The challenge takes place via the @celsiusofficial Instagram handle. Consumers who post photos of how they incorporate CELSIUS into their home workouts and use the hashtag #SWEATWITHCELSIUS will be entered to win a CELSIUS LIVE FIT KIT, which includes at-home workout essentials such as a yoga mat, water bottle, resistance band, booty band, CELSIUS On-The-Go powder packets and a case of CELSIUS Originals.

Photo: Instagram @dreathomas #SweatwithCelsius

To further engage with consumers, CELSIUS has partnered nationally with Barry’s and their “AT HOME LIVE Instagram Series” where CELSIUS will be profiled as the official energy drink powering Barry’s At Home Streaming Workouts. CELSIUS will have products prominently featured on Barry’s Live Stream Instagram accounts and in placements on various photos and blog posts. Their partnership with Barry’s, a leader in the fitness space, will deepen their positioning as a premier partner in helping communities come together and continue to Live Fit even outside of the gym.

They have also put together a giveback initiative with product drops at firehouses and hospitals for those on the front lines in South Florida, as well as offering first responders and healthcare workers a case of a product if they DM them a picture of their ID. 

About Celsius:

Celsius drinks have 7 essential vitamins; zero sugar, no added artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, no aspartame and are clinically proven to accelerate metabolism, burn fat, burn calories, boost endurance and help build lean body muscle. CELSIUS® is currently available on Amazon.com and other select fine retailers in the Grocery, Convenience, Fitness, Vending, and Club channels of trade.

For more information about CELSIUS®, visit www.celsius.com