SAM Foundation Donated 15,000 FDA Approved Surgical Masks to Orange County Hospital


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) S.A.M. Foundation Donates Surgical Masks, Face Shields, and Couture Fashionable Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic to Three Hospitals

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kyla Yates

Stable Anchor Manor Foundation (S.A.M. Foundation) donated 15,000 FDA approved surgical masks and 300 face shields to help frontline workers at local Orange County hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. The donation is intended to help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak. The donation will serve to protect front line health workers and in turn, the ever-larger familial communities on which we depend.

St. Joseph Hospital received 5,000 FDA Approved Surgical Masks and CHOC Children’s received 5,000 FDA Approved Surgical Masks and 100 Face Shields. UCI Medical received 5,000 FDA Approved Surgical Masks and 200 Face Shields the following week.

In addition to the FDA approved masks, Dr. Sam Nguyen, Founder of S.A.M. Foundation, has partnered with Danny Nguyen Couture to design 75 fashionable face masks. They were created in hopes of providing style and smiles for healthcare workers and their patients. The masks provide a snug fit that prevents pathogens from entering the mouth and nasal area that allow for maximum protection. The masks are made with seven-layer filtration, water-resistant material, and a nose bridge making it breathable.

In attendance at St. Joseph Hospital donation from the S.A.M Foundation was the dedicated Doctors, Nurses, Leadership Team of St. Joseph, City of Orange Mayor and Council Member and Members of St. Joseph Hospital Foundation – The City of Orange Mayor Mark A. Murphy, The City of Orange Councilmember Kim Nichols, Jeremy Zoch, Ph.D., MHA, FACHE, Chief Executive (CEO), Scott Rusk, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joseph Preston, Gemma Seidl, Executive Director of Nursing, Julie Vaupel-Phillips, RN, Amy Daugherty, Chief Philanthropy Officer- St. Joseph Hospital, and Sam Nguyen, Ph.D., Founder of S.A.M Foundation.

In attendance at CHOC Children’s, The City of Orange Mayor Mark A. Murphy, Councilmember Kim Nichols, Dr. Kathy Andreeff, President of CHOC Medical Staff, Jena Jensen, Chief Government Relations Officer – CHOC Children’s, Rachel Rolnicki, Deputy Chief Government Affairs Office, CHOC and Calvin Fakkema, CHSP, CHEP |Director, Safety, Security. & Emergency Management, Taylor Key, Nurse, Natalie Pring, Nurse and Sam Nguyen, Ph.D., Founder of S.A.M Foundation.

“The day was filled with much gratitude to the frontline workers, doctors, and nurses for what they do for our community,” said Dr. Nguyen. “Our interconnectedness and dependence on one another have now been exposed. This pandemic is both a tragedy and an opportunity to strengthen our bonds. ”

“Shared fate is an assumed reality and we are all reminded of how fragile we all are,” Nguyen added. As the world practices social distancing, Dr. Sam is dedicated to making sure that loved ones, employees, and first responders, upon which we all rely, are equipped with face masks.

About Stable Anchor Manor:

The Stable Anchor Manor 501(c)3 (S.A.M Foundation) was founded by Dr. Sam Nguyen started in Texas in 2009 with the purpose of providing support and guidance to homeless, runaway and at-risk youth and orphans. The foundation recently received their 501(c)3 certification and expanded in Orange County.

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