New York AG Going After NRA in a Lawsuit Alleging Financial Crimes


( ENSPIRE News ) Last Week New York AG Filed a Lawsuit Against the NRA in Hopes of Shutting it Down

ENSPIRE Contributor: Tyler Burns

New York Attorney General Letitia James has officially filed a lawsuit against the NRA as of last week. The lawsuit alleges that the NRA insiders routinely violated the state’s nonprofit organization laws by illegally funneling tens of millions of dollars to benefit close associates and relatives. 

The lawsuit filed by the NYAG, filed in NY state courts, alleges that the NRA, specifically it’s four top executives, abused funds and violated state and federal law whilst doing it. This abuse of the funds resulted in a loss of $64 million for the organization over the course of three years.

The senior leaders, James claims, used millions from the NRA’s coffers on trips to the Bahamas, private jets, luxury hotels, and fine dining.

“It’s clear that the NRA has been failing to carry out its stated mission for many, many years and instead has operated as a breeding ground for greed, abuse, and brazen illegality,” James said during a news conference. “In this state, we have a set of laws that every individual and entity must be held accountable to regardless of who you are, regardless of your power, size, influence, wealth or station in life, one set of laws. And today, we send a strong and loud message that no one is above the law, not even the NRA.”

The NRA responded with their own lawsuit that was filed in federal court in the state of New York. The suit alleges that NY Attorney General Letitia James “made political prosecution of the NRA a central campaign theme” when she ran in 2018 for AG. They claim since her election she has not treated them with fairness.

“Despite hopes that playing by the rules would procure a just outcome, the NRA has not been treated fairly by James’s office,” the 19-page suit states. “The New York Democratic Party political machine seeks to harass, defund, and dismantle the NRA because of what it believes and what it says.”

New York AG Letitia James sued the NRA, headquartered in Fairfax, VA. because the gun-rights group has routinely flouted nonprofit finance laws to better advantage themselves. This is an effort to dissolve the group “for years of self-dealing and illegal conduct,” she announced in her press statement last week.