Call Me Ace Tributes Video “Love Goals” to His Wife


( ENSPIRE Music ) Call Me Ace Embraces Healthy Black Love in “Love Goals” Ft. Taylor Taylor Video

ENSPIRE Contributor: Octavia Johnson

As an ode to his wife, Call Me Ace reflects on what it means for him and his life-partner to grind and achieve, both individually and together. Both are hard-working independent individuals that choose each other daily—intending to work—build a legacy, and the results are more than just bettering their own lives but, living with significance and enriching the lives of those around them. Their unbreakable bond is admirable, and with the help of guest feature, Taylor Taylor, Call Me Ace emphasizes that the real “goals” of their relationships are the ones they make with each other.

“Love is way more than just an emotion or feeling. It’s an action verb. It requires work and hustle—that is if you want it to last. My queen and I are committed to doing this work daily. Not just working in our professional careers, but loving each other as one flesh—growing, pruning, and supporting each other in every way possible. Pursuing our God-giving calling in unity. People may see us and want to frame ‘goals’ around the way we live our lives. But we’re not perfect, and marriage isn’t always a fairytale. Nonetheless, the journey of learning how to yield to and build with one another in harmony—being a blessing unto others in the process—that’s really all we’re focused on doing, day in and day out.” – Call Me Ace 

About Call Me Ace

Call Me Ace is an independent hip-hop artist, millennial professional, and disruptor who challenges the status quo. In 2019, Call Me Ace released his debut album, Airplane Mode, which debuted #3 on the iTunes Top 40 US Hip-Hop Album Chart and #50 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Album Sales chart. In February 2020, Ace’s second EP, Working From Home, earned 1,000,000+ Spotify streams and media recognition from,, Chartmetric,, Authority Magazine, NPR’s KALW Radio and more.

In June 2020, Call Me Ace released Working From Home: Extended and used the EP’s pre-orders as well as Google’s gift-matching program to raise $10,000+ for Faith In Action’s Live Free campaign to end social injustice. The EP and fundraising campaign received recognition from, Urban Magazine, FOX Soul, Columbia College Today, ENSPIRE Magazine, and more. Recently, his song “No Assistance” got a placement in the official NBA 2K21 next-gen video game. 

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On Feb. 5, 2021, Ace released his second album Out of Office—which illustrates a myriad of socio-cultural topics that affect dreamers of color who aspire to build a sustainable legacy that exceeds the returns of a conventional day-job. Determined to use his music and professional knowledge as a gateway to connect with disenfranchised communities, Call Me Ace encourages his supporters to live a rich life, not just a life full of riches. To find out more visit, Keep up with Call Me Ace at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.