Kindred The Family Soul With New Music and Creator Platform

Image Source: @kindredthefam on Instagram

( ENSPIRE Music ) The Music Duo Spread Positivity Through Songs and New Network for Black Creators

ENSPIRE Contributor: Abby Ladner

Multi-talented married duo Aja Graydon and Fatin Dantzler have been spreading love and encouragement for 23 years with their music group Kindred The Family Soul. With their soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics, the two aim to use music as a vehicle for promoting comfort, motivation, and inspiration. They do just that with their newest single “The Best Things,” an anthem of hope and positivity. Now, they’re spreading that message even further with Kindred Presents Legacy Network.

Kindred Presents Legacy Network is a platform that shares the work of independent Black creators across many mediums and genres. The platform displays the diversity of talents held by a wide array of Black creators, ranging from music and film to style, culture, news, and more. Kindred Presents Legacy Network celebrates Black life, culture, and art and provides an outlet for Black creators who face difficulties finding a platform to share their work.

Image Source: @kindredthefam on Instagram

Aja and Fatin first met when they were pursuing their careers in music. Fatin was hired as a songwriter for Aja’s solo project in 1997, and the two were married by 1998. Recognizing their strong creative chemistry, they decided to combine their talents and form Kindred The Family Soul. They began performing weekly at The Five Spot’s Black Lily Showcase in Philadelphia, a club that also hosted performances by Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan, and Musiq Soulchild. Impressed by their performances, Scott introduced Kindred to the president of her record label, and their career took off. Their debut album Surrender to Love was released in 2003, and they’ve been making music ever since, with six albums out and another on the way.

After finding their success with their passion for music, Kindred decided to use their platform to help other Black creators share their work. With Kindred Presents Legacy Network, the duo provides an outlet for Black artists with a variety of talents. The platform includes the work of musical artists, filmmakers, talk shows and news hosts, and more. Kindred also uses the platform to feature their show, Kindred Presents, a late-night talk show hosted by Aja and Fatin with guests and musical performances.

Image Source: @kindredthefam on Instagram

Kindred The Family Soul’s story is one of love and positivity. Because of their music, many have been touched by their message of hope and motivation. Kindred The Family Soul’s newest album, Auntie & Unc, will be available on March 27. With Kindred Presents Legacy Network, Aja and Fatin are helping other Black creators share their talents.

Learn more about Kindred The Family Soul and hear their newest single “The Best Things” on their website and on YouTube. Check out the Kindred Presents Legacy Network website here to see their work in supporting Black creators.