Multi-Award Winning Recording Artist Erica Campbell Releases Her 3rd Studio Album, “I LOVE YOU”


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Aiyanna Hawkins

Erica Campbell, a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer, and actor released her latest gospel album “I Love You,” this September, where she exemplifies her unconditional love of God. As a faithful woman, her religion guides her through life with grace, and Campbell hopes to reconnect her listeners with their own devotion to God through her uplifting and transformative album.

In the excitement of the most recent release, fans have been indulging in her songs including “Trust and Obey,” and “Sho’ Been Good.” Her most recent release “Trust and Obey,” was written by her close friend Gromyko Collins. Campbell feels it’s a heartwarming and impactful song. “It impacted my heart the moment I heard it. I knew I wanted to sing it because I feel every one of these lyrics. After all, without trust and obedience to the Father, I won’t live the full life God has for me. I want to experience all that He has for me,” Campbell says, “To be transparent, there have been many times I have not obeyed and I did not trust Him but God‘s gracious hand helped to build my faith back up when I lost it and wasn’t even sure how to find it. I found it in trusting God and obeying him even when it didn’t make sense to me. So I hope this song reminds you to trust and obey the Father because we can trust Him.”

“Sho’ been good” is another popular studio release. Campbell describes her song as saying,”I hope this song makes you remember all He’s done in your life. I hope it encourages you to reflect on the goodness of God, the greatness of God, the mercy of God, the favor of God, and the power of God, and then celebrate that goodness,” Campbell adds, He sho’ has been good.”

It seems as though she’s right because Campbell just celebrated her 7-year milestone as the host of “Get up! Mornings with Erica Campbell.” You can tune in on weekdays 6am-10am EST and hear impactful interviews, diverse music styles, and more!

Her most special song on the album is “I Love You,” where Campbell spreads the love and positivity of God through her captivating prose. “The ‘I Love You’ record is special to me because it is a culmination of me totally receiving God’s love. I’ve grown to understand that He loves me as I am, but loves me enough not to let me stay as I am,” she says, “These songs have taken time to record and write, and I believe it will reignite our desire for love and God’s love. Unfortunately, many people are hopeless and don’t have high expectations because of past trauma, but I promise you, this love record will reconnect you to God’s love.”

Campbell’s most popular song “Positive” is a fan-favorite by Campbell, as it spent four consecutive weeks on the #1 Billboard Gospel Charts, was nominated for a Grammy, and won the 2023 NAACP Image award for “Outstanding Gospel Christian Song.”

Campbell collaborated on this uplifting album with PJ Morton, D Smoke, her sisters, and three children; Krista, Wozy, and Zaya. “It feels like love to me, and I pray that’s what people feel when they hear it,” says Campbell. 

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