Church Donates $10,000 in Support of High School Band Program


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) The Hope Church Hosted a Jazz Concert to Raise Money for High School Band Students

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kaitlyn Cruz

Music is soothing to the soul and can open new doors of opportunity. Recently, Bishop Allen Wiggins at The Hope Church in Orlando hosted a jazz concert to raise money for band students. He donated $10,000 of the proceeds to Jones High School’s band program, which would go towards enhancing the music program for students.

This Jazz concert was part of the Hope Sacred Jazz Series. It featured a special guest, Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum. It also featured a performance from the school’d band director, ‘Naomi Joy’ Nelson. This is a huge and necessary effort, as arts programs are often highly beneficial for students. This program allows students to not only learn first-hand from experienced and successful individuals but also immerse themselves in a creative and stimulating outlet.

Church donation from Jazz Concert

In one article, Bishop Wiggins states, “Music, and the arts ‌I mean, some may or may not realize it, but music helps to shape the frontal lobe of the brain. It helps us with our cognitive skills. It helps us with our reading. Also, it helps us with our writing, helps us with stress relief, and in this day and time, our children are troubled and we have some challenges.”

Many individuals are aware of and stress the importance of arts programs within schools. These programs often allow self-expression, boost creativity, reduce stress, build community, and provide enriching experiences for students. Often, these programs are prime motivators for students to come to school, and help keep them out of trouble.

Jazz saxophonist Kirk Whalum

Archbishop Allen Wiggins is aware of the importance of arts, demonstrated by his desire to give back to his community through this program. At Jones High School, his alma mater, many students cannot afford to rent instruments, while others are homeless. These donation efforts will allow more students to take part in the band and allow them bright futures.

Archbishop Allen continues to be an example of being passionate and giving back to your community. His Jazz concert series assisted The Hope Church in supporting the Jones High School Band. They are providing hope and new opportunities for students at Jones High School. Bishop Wiggins believes that changing the future starts with investing in the youth, whether in technology, education, arts or ministry – all of which he does through The Hope Church and Frontline Innovation Studios.

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