January is Mental Wellness Awareness Month


( ENSPIRE Health and Wellness ) Travis Holp Reveals How to Rein it in for 2024

ENSPIRE Contributor: Matthew Carbonell

January was the time to remind ourselves how important it is to attend to our mental health. Especially since last year brought some challenges that left many unprepared for 2024. Unfortunately, there is a major prevalence of mental health issues and disorders that exist in the world. So, The beginning of the year is the prime opportunity to remember that a healthy mental state is as important as a healthy physical state.

Travis Holp is an expert in helping people remember to do the littlest things that make them feel good. Whether mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or even physically, Holp has a unique ability to connect with an individual and help them with their mental wellness. As a well-respected Medium, Spiritual Guide, and Motivational Speaker, he has quickly become a social media maven. It is his passion, genuine desire, and calling to help change lives.

However, many people still tend to let their mental health slip through the cracks. This is especially towards the end of January. Usually, it’s because of a New Year’s resolution having a rough start or because the holiday season just so happens to have a spike in relationship breakups. No matter the reason, Travis Holp provides some clear and positive advice to help nurture a strong mental fortitude.

In your experience, what is the hardest obstacle to overcome for better mental wellness?

From what I have seen, the stigma around mental health can be a perceived barrier. As humans, we can have a tendency to judge ourselves too harshly. We tend to think that if we are having negative thoughts or are experiencing moments of depression or anxiety, there is something wrong with us. Everyone experiences these things from time to time, but self-judgment can prevent people from making positive changes in their lives. 

What is the best way to disarm someone so that they can better open up to a safe space?

Be someone who others feel safe around, ultimately if you are a safe space that energy will be felt by others. We are wired for connection, and our nervous systems will sync up with each other. If you are the dominant energy in the room, you are who others will tune towards. Relaxed body language, steady breathing, giving others room to talk, and feeling peaceful is a great way to start.  

How do you feel about the idea that “You are your own worst enemy” Do people get in their way towards healthier living and if so, what’s the best way to overcome that?

I think at one point in my journey I would have agreed that we can be our “own worst enemy.” Where I am now, I believe that we are either calibrating toward being our relief or being our resistance, which can certainly be getting in our own way. When we are calibrating toward our relief, we are in alignment with the knowing that we are worthy of love and our attention and care. If we are calibrating toward our resistance, we are working in opposition to that.

I don’t think there is one best way of shifting your perspective and getting out of your own way is to set an intention with health. Instead of setting an arbitrary goal, put some heart behind it. What do you want to feel? Why do you want to feel it? And if you can answer the “why” without external circumstances, you are well along your way.

Is the world happier and healthier than it was before?

Some people might disagree with me, but I have to say yes. We are at a place in time where we have expanded far beyond where we’ve ever been. We have achieved so much and have knowledge right at our fingertips. There is so much more understanding of healing, energy, and how important wellness for mind, body, and spirit is to this human experience.

Of course, we live in a world of duality. So what has a top must have a bottom and so on… So yes, we have new heights of happiness and wellness, but we also have expanded the opposite way. I don’t believe that’s anything to be fearful of. If anything, it is hopeful because we are constantly expanding.

What are the things we as people can do to help work towards better mental health, what are your tips or process?

Be right where you are. Don’t force yourself to feel joy just because someone on Instagram told you that you should. If you can start right where you are, with practice you can shift how you feel pretty quickly. The first thing we can do is tune inward and pay close attention to our emotions.

Our emotions tell us everything we need to know. The other thing we can do is observe the thoughts that come with those emotions. Of course, my favorite tip for tuning in is to meditate for 15-20 minutes a day because it helps to quiet the mind so you can tune into your body. I’m also a believer that no matter what we are healing, or what wound we carry we can always change our vibration to something that feels better than where we might be.

I start my day by focusing on things I am grateful for or that I appreciate. This helps me tune to the frequency of abundance quickly so that I can start my day with an open heart. 

With all of this in mind – and in spirit, it is important to remember that health doesn’t just stop at the body. Mental wellness is something that requires just as much upkeep as a healthy body and Travis Holp gives more insights into this on Instagram. Everyone can use the reminder that they are important, worthy, powerful, and can change for the better. So it is time to kick off 2024 with a newer, better, and healthier you.

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