Summer Recap: Sheneese Starr Blessings From Harlem, NY


Sheneese Starr Blessings From Harlem, NY


We had the opportunity to be present at Sheneese Starr’s book release and webisode launch May 2, 2014 at MIST Studios in Harlem, NY. Celebrating “PERCEPTIONS The Other Women In My Bed…A Story In Motion”  and the launch of her groundbreaking show “Vibing with Sheneese Starr” propelled this vibrant and empowering event. Her book is set to encourage readers to look not only at themselves, but to learn, respect and understand others to properly process thinking before acting. Harlem has in Sheneese Starr one of her best daughters, you just have to look at her achievements. This entrepreneur and activist, and successful author, defines what every woman should aspire to achieve in this era. Her compassion to others, especially to her community to which she has given all her soul and heart, it’s an example to all of us. But her fight to change the way women are perceived in society is what keeps her busy most of the time. She is not trying to prove anything, she is not defined by that struggle. She is trying to change the minds of those who think that proving your worth to others is important. IMG_0205 You can understand why she is this way. Her deep love for her religion has exuded out to her personality, and this positive attitude has spread to those who have had the chance to meet her. In everything she does, you can see her deep love for God and for her brothers and sisters. This love for others has transmitted to her activism where she has made a mark by passionately fighting for the rights and well-being of others, such as the In Your Face Movement organization, which is trying to change the perception of Americans so that they can see the effects of the Industrial Prison Complex. What will she do next? She is the one who knows. But we will pay attention, and we will be praying that she is successful in that endeavor, people like her are the ones that change the World. IMG_0210 IMG_0217 IMG_0206]]>


  1. Love you and Your Mission. Continue to be the voice of the people, continue to feed our minds with that which we do not know, and most importantly may you prosper in ways that you could not imagine.
    Love always

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