5 Small Businesses To Support This Holiday Season


( ENSPIRE Business ) From Surfboards to Safety Pouches, Here Are Some Unique Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Year

ENSPIRE Category: Gabel Strickland

If you’re struggling to diversify your holiday shopping with interesting products, look no further than this article. It can be a last-minute gift, a gift just in time or just giving a gift in general, we have featured some awesome business owners with products. There are so many options for unique gifts that can guarantee to add a smile to someone’s face. We are excited to share some creative options for you!

This is a list of five unique businesses and entrepreneurs ENSPIRE has written about this year. Any one of their products could make the perfect gift for someone you know this holiday season. We have included the links to our original articles on each business as well as links to the company websites. 

Kicky Mats

Eboni Robert’s company, Kicky Mats, specializes in creating colorful mats with unique designs and phrases. The mats’ phrases range from the cute to the funny, including things like: “This home runs on coffee, wine, and amazon prime,” “Good Vibes Only,” and “Knock Hard* *But not like you the police.” Mats can be cut out in all shapes and sizes, with some mats cut in the shapes of flowers and hearts. But Kicky Mats does more than just make doormats. They sell other products such as socks, charms, wallets, ashtrays, and more. Roberts also holds private mat-painting parties in which customers can paint their own custom doormats. Kicky Mats has even been featured on Beyonce.com and mentioned by the Oprah Winfrey Network on Social media.

The Safety Pouch

David Price was encouraged to create The Safety Pouch by a business class assignment that required students to create a product that encouraged social change. The Safety Pouch is a document and ID holder designed to make traffic stops safer and more efficient for Black drivers. It tucks neatly around a driver’s mirror for easy reaching. Furthermore, its bright orange color was to make it impossible to mistake it for a weapon. The item has been reviewed by many new organizations like People Magazine and MSNBC and celebrities such as Master P, Erykah Badu, and Tina Knowles-Lawson.

Cashmere Moon

Cashmere Moon, founded by Tisha Ayers, creates vegan and cruelty-free beauty products created from natural ingredients. They sell oils, creams, moisturizers, lotions, and bath salts. Ayers says she chose the name Cashmere Moon because her products are just as “luxurious and soothing” as the fabric. You can read the article linked above to hear what Ayer’s personal recommendations are from her long line of products. 

Spoiled Brats

At first, the Spoiled Brats clothing line served as therapy for its founder, Keys Harper. It granted her refuge from the many hard years of depression and anxiety. Now, Harper has a mission to raise awareness for mental health. Harper aims to grow her presence in schools, empowerment conferences, and other events to motivate others and reassure others that seeking help for depression is alright. Her clothes are defined by bold logos and patterns combined with inspirational slogans and messages embedded in the brand.

Upland Tea House

April Sherris is the founder of Upland Tea House. Upland creates a variety of unique tea blends. Every blend is sourced from South African tea estates, along with including a good deal of health-assisting ingredients such as the herb rooibos. Sherris says she was inspired to create the brand after discovering how good rooibos made her feel. She now promotes tea and the daily rituals surrounding it as a form of self-care. 

H.A.N.D. Paint Co.

Alex Silver has always loved surfing. During the pandemic he found himself needing new material to paint on, which is how he began using recycled and broken surfboards as canvases for his art. He now sells those surfboards as H.A.N.D. Paint Co., whose name stands for Have A Nice Day. The brand’s mission is to promote kindness and positivity while raising mindfulness toward the oceans. In Silver’s words: “Using recycled and broken surfboards as a medium to paint on honors the life of the surfboard by restoring its purpose for living. Each surfboard serves as a physical representation of a greater idea or message that I strive to live by, such as “be kind to all, treat others with respect, and love yourself.”