They Call Me Q!


They Call Me Q!

Starring Qurrat Ann Kadwani

Co-Directors Obaid Kadwani and Claudia Gasper

Reviewed By Ese Ofurhie

Qurrat Ann Kadwani discussed her story in the form of a one woman show highlighting all the influential characters in her life.They Call Me Q starts of with the story of her birth from her point of view. Qurrat’s family moved from India to Bronx, New York. Her parents expected the best and at times good was not the best. Q discusses her childhood going back to her grade school days and described what life was like for her to fit in. Q talks about finding her identity as a foreign child, pleasing her parents and everyone else. “American Indian parents work too hard for a better life to concern themselves with personal issues” , was a quote mentioned that you knew what it meant for your own good but to young to understand moments. Q would walk us through situations where confrontations with her parents at home incorporated what she was around outside her home. The main focus was school work and nothing else.  Qurrat also gives us a view of high school and the emotional struggle it took to fit in. Throughout you laugh at the moments of conflict and rebellion that make you think of when you were a child or if you have one now.

Watching this play you can relate if you grew up with foreign parents or strict parents in general. There is a mandatory expectation of you to achieve the best. This play made you feel like you were there in your own personal situation engaging with the characters. Qurrat also brings you to what it was like to understand her culture transitioning as a child to a young woman. The things that we felt the need to hide or alter to what was popular becomes the qualities and attributes that are most admired. Growing up and maturing creates an appreciation of where you came from or culture and will be the things you love most about yourself. They Call Me Q was definitely refreshing and “enspiring!” We all have been through a transition or struggle and it has formed the individual that we are today. Q Check out more information, dates for future shows and more info on Qurrat Ann Kadwani at:]]>