Creative Artist Finished New EP in a Bathroom


( ENSPIRE Music ) Dean Stacy Fought Procrastination By Locking Himself in a Bathroom For a Whole Week

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

Dean Stacy is a young and passionate artist who is making a strong effort to achieve his dreams. Stacy has released a couple of songs in his career so far, but none more unique than his recent EP “The Bathroom Tapes.” As a result of Stacy wanting to eliminate his procrastination habits, he locked himself in a bathroom for a week to focus on his work over everything else. This unique situation caused Stacy’s new music to become a one-of-a-kind experiment and a success. 

Stacy grew up in Las Vegas and had a rough upbringing. He was born to a hardworking single mother who fought to find whatever work she could. For some time, she worked as a nanny for a businessman and lived in his mansion. But when Stacy’s mother fell on hard times, they ended up living in a car in a Walmart parking lot. But Stacy did not allow his tough past to define him, and he started his promising career path by making music in his room on a laptop. His strong passion and determination for his work are what got Stacy to make his creative songs.

Music was a very important thing to Stacy and it helped him a lot in his life. “Songwriting started as a way for me to cope with difficult experiences and kind of exorcise those tough feelings.” If it wasn’t for his career choice, then Stacy would be in a completely different place mentally. “It helps me get thoughts out that are too difficult for me to articulate with just speech.”

Even though Stacy’s style of music is its own, he appreciates the work of other talented artists. “I really like what Alex Cameron has going on, I feel a kind of kinship with him writing-wise.” Stacy views Alex Cameron in a very positive light and is even lightly inspired by the artist. “He writes the kind of songs that make me go, “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that”, really neat stuff. Cheers to that guy!”

Stacy believes that procrastination is the greatest enemy of his career as this is not the first time it has affected him. “The song “Never Learned How to Dance” by Napalm Star was something I wrote when I was 16. But I wouldn’t record it till well after I’d turned 19.” Stacy didn’t even write the song down, he just played it in his head for multiple years till it became as simple as breathing.

Staying locked in the bathroom for a week helped Stacy tremendously with his focus on the project. “I don’t know if I’ve got some disorder or if I’m just lazy,  but I require a lot of discipline to get things like that done.” The isolation was calming for Stacy and it was the reason for his EP getting done as quickly as it did. “I’m not the most stable person in the world but it helps with the art, so who cares.”

Even though Stacy willingly locked himself in his bathroom, he refuses to do such a thing again. “Maybe if I’m kidnapped or something, but I’d hate to repeat myself”. Stacy claims that the week he spent in a mental hospital once was far better than his week in the bathroom. He compared the two, but said that the hospital had “better food and cool people to interact with.”

Slowly throughout the last six months, Stacy has released a couple of songs, each being very unique. He holds a lot of passion for his growing music career, and he has gotten a lot of support from his caring mother. “She’s really quite supportive, always has been.” Stacy has all he needs to turn his career into a big success, and when asked about plans, he had some interesting things to say. “I’ll be ghostwriting for popular artists and implanting subliminal messages in the compositions that will eventually destroy the world, all in time.”

Dean Stacy is a very inspiring artist and a great role model to all upcoming small creators. His passion and determination for his work are immensely powerful and the most important thing for achieving success. His newest song is just another milestone in his growing career as Stacy plans to release many more songs in the future.

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