We Give Because We Care 365 4th Annual Prom Pop Up Shop


( ENSPIRE Community ) We Give Because We Care 365 4th Annual Prom Pop Up Shop

ENSPIRE Contributor: Rose Mitchell

Prom season has always been important and interesting to me, especially because I never had a chance to go to mine. It was something I see students enjoy every year and it was something that I wish I had went to.  On April 14, 2018,  I attended the 4th Annual Prom Pop Up shop by Sheena Palmer, Founder & Chair of WeGiveBecauseWeCare 365Days 501(c)3 and Owner of S Cubed Productions, LLC.  It was really important to me to cover this event because of my previous experience and it brings me joy to see the young kids happy to get dressed up and celebrate their last year of middle or high school. I also just love the idea of getting dolled up and going out. The Prom Pop Up Shop provided free dresses, suits, shoes and accessories to 8th and 12th graders in NYC who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. I got a chance to speak with Sheena, the founder of the event. Being from the Bronx she wanted to be able to give back to her borough, along with the rest of the city. She decided to take action and put this foundation together for the youth of New York.  Sheena is very passionate about what she does, and I can tell how much the pop up shop means to her just by the way she talked about it. She makes quarterly efforts giving back to the community as much as she can. It was refreshing to see the kids frantically sifting through the racks, being able to pick out whatever they want since everything is free! This particular pop up shop on the 14th was held at the Boys and Girls club in Mount Vernon. The space was filled with food, music, clothes and laughter. The kids just have been pleased with their selection, as I could see through their huge smiles and bags full of items. There was even a drumming band for entertainment! It was a really nice experience. For more information about prompopupshop and the other amazing things Sheena does for the community, follow her business page @wgbwc365 on Instagram. ABOUT: #WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days is the community organization turned 501(c), created by S Cubed Productions, LLC, to provide a luxury atmosphere to inner city teens as we groom their minds, hearts and spirits to recognize that they are our future leaders of the World. We want to impart important social and personal values that will leave room for their individuality. We want to give back not just for a season, but #365Days a year. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhkYdpIlOBS/?taken-by=wgbwc365]]>