Dr. Rhonda Travitt Restores the Mental Well-Being of Our Nation


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Dr. Travitt Creates “Transformation of a Nation” Movement to Help People Struggling with their Mental Health During the Pandemic

ENSPIRE Contributor: Amanda Hirsch

With so much uncertainty in our personal lives due to this unprecedented year, people are experiencing mental health declines and self-worth struggles. We are looking for stability and trying to get a grip on any aspect of our lives, which seems to be out of our hands. Taking the initiative, Dr. Rhonda Travitt who is a pastor, counselor, and life coach, has made it her new mission to help us take back control over our lives.

If anyone can lead us to a state of joy and prosperity in this climate, it is Dr. Rhonda Travitt. Between having four books published, working as a certified life coach, being welcomed as a speaker on multiple occasions, and receiving her master’s degree in Clinical Christian Counseling from Christian Bible Institute and Seminary, it’s safe to say that Dr. Travitt is completely qualified to guide the nation to find hope and light in these seemingly dark times.

Her most recent mission began this year when she founded “Transformation of a Nation.” This movement is meant to give those who feel hopeless a voice to speak up with and lead a successful and fulfilling life. She has ample experience in helping people through trying times, so when COVID-19 entered our lives, Dr. Travitt found a new way to use her faith, love, and motivational speaking to help us weather the storm. Through mentoring, job placements, home placements, and ministry, she has helped hundreds through the mentally-deprecating mess of this pandemic.

“Transformation of a Nation” has taken to social media forms of all types in the form of podcasts, Facebook groups, video calls, and counseling sessions. Every Wednesday at 7 pm, Dr. Travitt hosts a podcast called “Transformation of a Nation Podcast” where she tackles real-life issues with guest speakers. Most recently, she spoke with Dr. Cindy Trimm, actor and comedian Ron G, and Tamra Simmons on the podcast.

With Dr. Travitt’s help and the foundation of her new movement, she intends to help people struggling with addiction, depression, feelings of hopelessness, job loss, and loss of normalcy. 2020 has been a blur of struggle on a seemingly downhill slope, but Dr. Travitt hopes to change the tides. With the continuation of her movement and her passion for helping others succeed, we believe that she can help make our lives a little brighter.

For more information on Dr. Rhonda Travitt and “Transformation of a Nation”, please visit her website here.